Written by Gary

2 Nov 2009

After watching the DVD, of Karen being fucked by 3 workmates, sent to me by Griff, we decided she would come with me to a trade show the following week. She'd pretend not to know me and at the show try to pick up 2 or 3 men to fuck her while I joined in. Driving to the show I asked her why Griff blamed her for him being made redundant. She explained that he thought that she had let their manager shag her to keep her job. "Did you?" I asked. "Certainly not. What sort of girl do you think I am". Before adding cheekily "I just sucked him off". We checked in to our Hotel and went to our room, I had some work to do and Karen went shopping for a something special to wear the following evening. On her return she told me I'd have to wait and see what she'd bought.

In the morning I went to the show and she joined me later, arriving at the stands where she could meet the men I had in mind whilst I was talking to them. She was dressed in a smart business suit, shortish skirt, jacket, and blouse with the top buttons undone so when she lent forward there was a good view of her tits, supported by a lacy bra which left her nipples uncovered. Well the idea was to be noticed. At the stand the two men introduced themselves as Mike and Rhys and she told them she was Karen. They handed her brochures which she put in her briefcase making sure they had a good view of her tits. Before she left they enquired if she was attending the show party that night and hoped they would see her there.

That evening in the room I was ready and Karen was sitting at the mirror just wearing a tiny thong and hold ups as she applied her make up. She finished and stood to face me, although 39 shes slim has lovely firm 32d tits, and great toned legs. "What else are you wearing?" "Wait and see. I'll see you at the party" she replied. I went to the function room, got a drink and made my way over to Mike and Rhys. The first thing Mike said was "I hope that woman, Karen, who came to the stand turns up. I'd love to fuck her" "Me too. Perhaps she'd be up for a 3some. Shame your a married man Gary." said Mike. We'd found a table in the corner When Rhys suddenly said "Fucking hell she's here" and got up to intercept her. I turned and there she was. A very short black silk dress, with a scooped neck which revealed plenty of tit. She soon joined us and sat down showing plenty of leg and flashing her stockings and turning so the top fell forward showing off her naked breasts. We had drinks and we all danced with her, Mike and Rhys taking the opportunity to hold her close and grope her bum. Karen was flirting outrageously and making it pretty obvious she was game for anything. It was getting late and I'd joined her for a final dance. She said "I'm going to invite them back to the room for a drink. They'll go for it they've rubbing their hard ons against me all night. I've hidden your stuff in the wardrobe." At the table she did and they accepted and we headed for the lifts Rhys saying to me "I thought you were married, hope you Mrs doesn't mind.". "She'll never know" I said.

In the lift Mike stood behind her with his hands on her waist then as the lift started with a judder moved his hands up and pulled her dress open so we could all see her tits as he played with them. The lift stopped and Karen walked out, passing a waiting couple, with her tits uncovered as we followed to the room. In the room Karen closed the door behind us, slipped the dress off and said "I don't think any of us really want a drink. What I want is cock. I want to be fucked. We all started to undress as Karen lay back on the bed and watched using her fingers in little circles on her nipples which are really sensitive. We joined her on the bed and Mike pulled her thong off and pushed her legs wider before going down on her shaved pussy and giving her a tonguing. She wanted me and Rhys to suck her nipples and we got either side of her as she reached out and grabbed our cocks. I don't think I've ever been so hard as I watched them and as she became more and more aroused. With a tongue on her pussy and 2 mouths sucking her tits she soon came and was ready for more. She wanted Rhys to fuck her first, he was the biggest, about 8" and thick. He got on top and slid easily in to her soaking cunt and pumped her hard as she reached down and rubbed her clit she soon came again as Rhys continued for several more minutes before shooting inside her.

I turned her over onto her knees and entered her from behind as Mike lay in front of her and pushed her head down onto his prick. She took him in her mouth and started sucking as I fucked her forcing more of Mikes cock in to her mouth with each thrust. I could feel her cunt muscles gripping my cock as she came again and soon after my spunk joined Rhys's. Mike then moved from her mouth and took my place and with a dozen or so strokes came deep inside her. In half an hour she had been fucked by 3 cocks and as she lay back our cum was running out of her cunt. She reached down and scooped it up drinking it all. Watching this we were all getting hard again and she got off the bed and knelt in front of us going from one to the other sucking until we were fully erect again.

She got Mike to lie on the bed and straddled him taking his cock and Rhys stood to one side as she took him in her mouth and wrapped her lips round his prick. I was the other side stroking my cock she turned to me and smiled saying" There's KY in the drawer. I want you to fuck my arse" before taking Rhys back in her mouth. I got behind her and could see Mikes prick banging away at her cunt as she lifted her bum a bit and spread her legs wider. I squeezed some KY and used my finger to work it in then spread some on my prick. I pressed my glans against the tight puckered hole and pushed. She started to open up and the first inch of my cock entered her arse. The rest slipped in more easily and I began fucking her feeling the cock in her cunt moving at the same time. We were all fucking her hard in the cunt, the mouth and her arse. She was so tight I soon came in her and stood back as Rhys took over and carried on arse fucking her, his thick 8" stretching her even more. She was crying out and gasping as she came followed by Mike who spurted A fourth load of the night in her cunt as Rhys gave her arse a second load of spunk. We sat on the bed as Karen recovered, spunk running out of her well fucked holes. After a few minutes she said it was time we all left so we all dressed and kissed her goodnight. I went to the lift with Rhys and Mike and got out at the next floor, waited until the lift stopped at theirs before returning to Karen. I got into bed and she said "Did you enjoy that. I did". "It was fantastic, I've never been so hard, you just looked so horny being fucked like that. When can we do it again?" I said. "Soon, I hope, soon" she replied.