Written by Andy

20 Nov 2012

This is completely true (unlike some on here) and although it sounds false, it isn't.

Last year I had to go away with 3 colleagues to a convention, it was just meant to be a day trip but due to the heavy snow that fell during the day we became trapped 100 miles away and had to seek accomodation at a hotel overnight.

My 3 colleagues, are all nurses and female, so when we got to the hotel there was some confusion with the surnames (mine name is the same as one of the girls) and the staff naturally assumed that we were married. The rooms were the last available, due to the convention and the heavy snow, so after some discussion two of the girls said they would share and the third (Sandra) said she would share with me (the room was a twin room).

I promised that I would let her use the bathroom first, and then I would use the bathroom while she got into her bed.

As neither had PJ's, we both said that we would sleep in our undies. So immagine my shock when Sandra walked out of the bathroom wearing and almost see through black lacey bra, knickers and hold up stockings. She then said on the bed and slowly took the stockings off - my cock was beginning to stir, so I headed for the bathroom. Sandra just smiled and said 'enjoyed the view?'

I showered and put on the robe, provided by the hotel, and headed back into room. Sandra was in her bed already, duvet pulled up tight around her shoulders.

Now I always sleep in the nude, I hate the feel of anything like boxers on while I sleep, so I turned the light off and slipped into bed, discarding the robe.

Sandra put the light back on and said 'are you cold, I'm bloody freezing, mind if I turn the heating up?' I said 'not at all'

As Sandra got out of bed, she was wearing only her knickers, her beautiful tits (38D) swung free - I felt my cock stir again. She looked at me and said 'sorry, I cant sleep wearing a bra' All I said was 'don't be sorry'. SHe turned the heating up and climbed back in bed.

About 30 minutes later, just as I was dozing off, I felt someone slip into my bed, thinking it was wishful thinking, I didn't wake fully. The next thing I knew was Sandra saying 'I'm fucking freezing, warm me up' - that caused me to wake up.

I am married, and have never been unfaithfully to my wife, I've snogged someone at a christmas party but never fucked anyone else. So it was a bit of a shock when Sandra climbed into bed with me.

I made a half-hearted protest, but all Sandra said was 'we are both adults and I only want to keep warm' - but my cock was having none of it, the thought of this scantily clad beauty pressing up against me was too much, my cock was rigid in no time.

AS we lay there with Sandra's cluddling into me, I felt her hand slide down and touch my rigid cock, her fingers closed around it and started to gently rub it. All I said was 'Sandra' and she replied 'I'm just keeping warm'. the next I remember was we were kissing and Sandra was fumbling under the covers, then she pulled her knockers out and dropped them on the floor.

A minute or so later, I was laying on top of her, her legs around my waist with my cock pushing deep inside her.

We spent a few hours fucking, and as she put it 'just trying to keep warm'. The next morning when we went down for breakfast, the other two asked how we slept. All Sandra said was 'I was so tired last night, I had the best nights sleep I've had for ages. THe heating in that room was fantastic - kept me warm all night'.

We slowly drove home, without a word or look passed that would have gave us away.

I have seen Sandra several times since, but only during very cold - just to keep warm, as she puts it!