Written by hdmeuvks

15 Jun 2007

The other evening I said to my wife Linda lets go out and have dinner and then maybe go to a club after,oh yes baby

that would be great,so upstairs she went to get into something for the evening.She came down the stairs with a

black and red super high mini on with a nice pair of of high

heels,she looked stunning.We had dinner at a local restaurant

with some good wine which left us both quite ready for some lively action.Linda said she had read about a private cabaret bar

which wasn't to far away from where we were which seemed to offer rather intimate nightly events for its clients with very pleasant privacy guaranteed.I said sounds like it might be fun,so lets go and see.

We arrived and was graciously led into the club which seemed to be quite select and not bawdy at all.We were given a table

a little way back from what seemed to be a low stage come

dance floor.We ordered some cocktails and started to relax

when quietly some music started to play then the lights dimmed to a very seductive atmosphere.Linda said ummm I am

really feeling quite in the mood for a good night.Slowly

some couples got up and started to dance to which we followed

as well.After a couple of dances a voice came over the speakers saying now was the time for all partners to change

so the women to take the man nearest them and continue dancing.Linda turned to her right and took the man next to her and then the women next to me did the same,the dancing continued when I had a very nice surprise I felt this very

warm hand gently rubing over my cock.I looked into her face and she said do you like it darling,by this time my cock was

like it was bursting,I looked over in the direction of Linda

when I saw the guy she was dancing with had his hand up on her tits and she was enjoying it.Again the voice came over the speakers,who ever would like to go to the velvet room

then please take your partners now.Linda was already on her

way with hers,darling the lady said to me,lets go and fuck...

We entered the velvet room already to find many couples who were already there in all states of geting fucked on the beds provided.Helen the lady I was with led me to a bed where

there were two women being well fucked by three guys.Helen

wasted no time and took my cock out and started to suck me

with great form,we got naked and within seconds Helen had got

a cock up here and another woman was sucking my prick.Again I looked for Linda to see how she was managing,she was okay

and getting fucked hard by a young stud while she was sucking two cocks at the same time.With this I stuffed my prick into Helen and shot my cum hard up her cunt which was already so wet and full of cum from the other two guys which had filled her.

I moved over to where linda was,she was riding this guys prick up here arse and he was really pounding her,she loves getting in the arse with a prick in her cunt,so I got on top and shoved my prick gently up her cunt as I wanted to match

the guys rythm who was in her arse.We got a good motion going

and we were really fucking her hard to witch another prick

was presented for her to suck on.I shot my load and got of Linda and as I got of another prick was pushed in her cunt.We

fucked I dont know how many men and women that night but we both agreed we will be going back to get well fucked again.