Written by stan

20 Dec 2008

Hi again I said i would let you know if I managed to get wife to join me on PC with the cam again.

It took me over a month to convince her again had to wait till we had been out at a works party and we both had a lot to drink and on the way home in the taxi I had told her how sexy she looked in the dress she had on and she had a lot of admirers looking at her at the party and were chatted up she said how do you know that

I said well how many dances did you get and you were enjoying all the attention that a young guy gave you she laught and we started kissing and fooling around I was feeling her tits when I realized the driver could see us and she didn\'t stop me thats when i thought about getting her on cam again as i was so horny thinking the driver had been watching us.

If we had been in the taxi longer i would have gave him a lot more to see but it was a short drive to our house and I started in the taxi saying lets have a chat on line again and show that sexy dress of and see what everyone thinks about it she said ok.

I couldn\'t wait to get into the house and get started I had it up and running before she could change her mind.

we sat there and the first person to contact us asked if we had been out as we looked all dressed up we told him we had been to a party he asked if it was a swingers party I said yes it was and we had swapped partners but were stll horny.

He asked if I had watched her with the other guy I told him i had been to busy but would like to have watched her.

I asked him if he liked her dress he said yes he did and asked if she kept it on while she was with the other guy or was she naked.

I told her to do the chatting for a bit and tease him she said I think you are doing that.

I was rubbing her tits and her neck and new she was as horny as me I could feel her nipples all hard.

he was asking her what she like done to her just as i unzipped her dress and pulled one of her tits out she stopped typing and closed her eyes.

I asked if he like her tits he said yes let me see more.

I told him we were going to chat to some others first and we might chat later.

we started to chat and had a few people saying had we been having a bit fun as she hadn\'t pulled her dress back up and to open our cam up we had never done that before and I asked how to do that and soon as we done that we had about 5 different guys watching our cam at the same time wow we opened there cams to see them at the same time.

When i saw all them watching us I pulled her dress right down and let both her tits out for them to see they were all sending us messages asking to see more and telling her they could see how horny she was with her nipples sticking out.

I could see she was near to cumming and was asking her which one she would like to fuck her and was rubbing her pussy now under her dress and they were all asking to show them what i was doing and to connect one to one with them.

I said lets pick one and go for it and for her to pick she said she didn\'t care which one and for me to pick I said ok and picked a black guy and told him to call us and shut them off.

he called right away and said how lucky he was to connect one to one and asked if would be offended if he stripped naked I told him he could do what he wanted.

I couldn\'t hold back and wait any longer and got her to stand up and let her dress fall off she was standing there in just her stockings panties and her bra half down she looked so horny standing there and a guy wanking looking at her i took her bra off and sucked her nipples he told me he would love to be dong that to her.

she was rubbing her self through her pants and he was telling her to take them of to let him see her properly I told her to go for it and she just slipped them off and kept rubbing herself, I said sit down now and opened your legs up more to give him a good look while you masterbate and suck me.

i stood up and put my cock in her mouth and told her i was about to cum she had her legs wide open and was rubbing herself fast i could\'t hold back any longer and started to cum and pulled out of her mouth and came all over her tits then sat down and watched her finish her self off while this guy watched it was so erotic and the best night ever.

I think she will come on all the time with me now we both enjoyed it so much.

Hope we can get friendly with someone and maybe meet up somewhere he could watch us for real in the car.