Written by raith50

1 Aug 2009

After many years my mrs persuaded me to get rid of our old tent and get a campervan after much discussion (\"argument and bickering\") we decided we would rent one for a month to see if we liked it.

So off to the New Forest we went for a long weekend to get used to it before we went to the South of France we went to our regular campsite set everything up and decided to go get some food off we went to the pub nice meal all the usual stuff, we ended up chatting to an elderly couple who had recently just celebrated their birthdays a couple of day previously (he was 78 she was 76 both very good looking and fit) and were touring along the south coast.

We said our goodbyes and went back to the campsite, when we got there the was a huge Winnebago parked next door, guess what it belonged to the couple we had just been chatting to in the pub.

They invite us in for a nightcap, my mrs declines claiming she\'s had enough and is about asleep any way, so off i go for a nightcap, we sit and chat next thing I know she is next to me and is starting to rub my cock, he gets up to make another drink she has got my cock out and is sucking like a woman possessed he walks back hands me my drink as if nothing was wrong, he is on his knees i now have both of them tonguing my cock thank fuck for the drink or I would have cum all over the place.

He starts to strip off then his mrs, he lies back she starts on his cock i strip off and start fingering her first 1 then 2 she is saying go on get more in if you can i have 4 fingers up her cunt, this was too much i had to give her a hand with his cock how big about 10 inches and not too fat we are both sucking she is riding my hand this is fun, he then leans across and says to me can I fuck you, you can guess what my reply was, so there I am on all 4s him gently feeding his cock up my arse her underneath sucking my cock, he starts to fuck me long and slow this goes on for about 20 mins I have the hardon from hell he cums hard up my arse pulls out and say go on fuck her so there i am fucking his mrs while he starts to lick the cum out of my arse what a sensation its too much I cum so hard i nearly pass out.

I fill her cunt with cum as I am pulling out he rolls me over lick the cum off my cock, he then proceeds to suck the cum out of her I get off the couch he says where you going need a piss, dont waste it do it on us I pissed all over them they then licked each other clean.

What a night i got back to our van mrs says you took your time, just chatting i said just chatting, who said caravanning was boring