Written by KC

18 Feb 2014

Apologies if I'm a little giddy but I can't quite believe what has happened recently but I will do my best to share my recent experiences as accurately as possible.

I have worked in the same office for a little ver 4 years now. In all that time I have had a serious crush on one of my colleagues - I'll just call her J.

She is dark - slightly latin looking, long dark brown hair, slim build, small pert breasts sexy bum and quite long legs. She dresses really well.

Until late last year - J was out of bounds - loved up, engaged, buying a house getting married - it was intolerable - some days I adored her; others I hated her - going on about her perfect life.

Great news (for me not her) arrived in late November - Mr Perfect her hubby to be - got caught playing away from home and they were history. To be fair she was devastated and I couldn't help feel sorry for her although the anger she displayed was very, very sexy.

I kept my distance and my nose out of her business. In January we worked together on a project - long hours in the office - waiting for system checks - quite dull and boring but we got to spend lots of time together both in the week and at weekends. One saturday evening we were waiting ages for the last update of the day - as soon as we tested that we could go home. 7, 8 and 9 pm came and went and we were left alone talking. I plucked up the courage to ask when she might get out there and start dating again. Her response was that she was done with men for now ' they are all pigs'.

The update came through quite late and there were no cliches and we were heading for the exit at around 10:00 pm. As we left the building she asked 'do you fancy a quick drink' - there is a nice bar opposite work and it is dead quiet on a weekend. I didn't need asking twice and we were quickly ensconced in the bar drinking shorts.

After a few drinks J started to open up and said - she hated what had happened to her but she now felt sad and lonely - she had put everything into the relationship and was left with few friends etc now her and her fiancé had parted. I asked if she ever saw him - she said no and she had no desire to see him again.

I was seriously loving talking to J and had to pinch myself to realise I really did have her all to myself - in a bar. In no time we had had four maybe five drinks and it was midnight. The bar was going to close so we got our coats and headed for the exit... on the way to the exit J went to the ladies and I waited alone - feeling annoyed that the bar was closing and my night with J was being cut short. When she emerged she asked if I lived alone - I confirmed that I did - she the asked - is it far? No not really just a few blocks - I can walk to work - she then asked if I had alcohol. I confirmed that I had loads. She then said she'd embarrassingly need to ring her mum if she wasn't going home - she said it was the downside of moving back home but she had nowhere else to go. I listened as she lied to her mum about being with some girlfriend - it made me smile. As we walked in the cold back to my place she held onto my arm - we briefly stopped to look in a shop window and our eyes met and for a second I thought we were going to kiss - she clearly thought the same because we stopped again a few yards further up the road and that time we did kiss - not some big snog but a really beautiful restrained kiss - wow.

I have a cleaner come in on a Saturday so my place looked great but unfortunately my cleaner ad left me a note - which gave the game away. I got J's coat and settled her on the sofa - whilst I hung her coat she put the TV on and I came back to ask her what she wanted to drink - she said she'd drunk too much to quickly and she'd like a black coffee. I decided to have the same and put the coffee machine on.

I went to her in the living room and teased her about what had happened - up the road. She said she'd enjoyed it and would like to kiss me again - I quickly sat beside her and she leaned across and planted her lips on mine. We kissed for a few minutes and I debated long and hard about whether to touch her or not - I decided against it. This was the girl of my dreams and I was not going to mess it up by diving in too quickly. After a bit more kissing I got up to get the coffee - I brought the coffee in and sat back down next to J. My heart was racing, I was so happy I couldn't believe what was happening and things were about to get a whole lot better.

J leaned across and started to kiss me some more - she liked to kiss - she broke away to tell me that she really liked me but added quickly that she wasn't ready for a relationship right now. She said she'd like to see me but only if I kept it a secret - the moment anyone found out it was off. Before she finished the sentence I was nodding my absolute agreement.

A bit more kissing and coffee and she asked if she could use the bathroom - I wondered if she had a weak bladder. I noticed it was just coming up to 1:40 and 10 minutes went by and she didn't return. I went to look for her in my small apartment - she had gotten into bed and from the pile of clothes on the chair in the bedroom she wasn't wearing too much under the covers.

I was close to a heart attack and she seemed embarrassed - she said she didn't do this sort of thing but she needed some attention - once agin she begged me not to tell the boys in the office. I promised to respect her wishes - and removed my clothes slipping under the duvet. We kissed again and this time I moved my hand to her small breasts which were uncovered - I quickly moved my head and took one of her small nipples into my mouth and teased it. I must have spent half an hour playing and kissing her breasts before slipping my hand lower to find that she was still wearing her knickers. Rather naively I asked if I could remove them and she positioned herself so that I could slip them under her bum and pull them down her long legs - as I pulled them over her feet - now high in the air I could see a small triangle of black pubic hair and my cock stood to attention feeling like it would burst. In a few seconds we were locked in a 69 with her on top and she was playing with my cock rather than taking it into her mouth while I was licking her pussy for all I was worth. It tasted better than I ever imagined. I was just starting to think that maybe sex might be nice when her wanking my cock reached a point of no return and I ejaculated heavily all over her hand and the bed. Shit I thought - it was a bit embarrassing and I hoped I could get hard again quickly. I wiped up the mess before burying my head between J's legs again - intent on making her cum too.

After giving it my best shot and licking away at a very wet and very sweet smelling pussy - she pushed me away gently and she lifted her hood with one hand and then applied some gentle circular movements to her clit with the other hand - in less than a minute she was coming and boy did she come - she had the biggest orgasm I had ever witnessed and the top half of her body was blushed red.

As soon as J recovered her composure she said - 'you'll need to use a condom' - my hand went into the bedside draw and took out a condom which she then took from me - opened with her teeth and she then positioned herself over me. She wanked my cock to make sure it was hard, she then went down on me and ran her lips up and down the length of my shaft before pulling away and gently rolling the condom over my erect column.

She then straddled me sitting at a slight angle she impaled herself on my cock - reaching behind her she held the base of my cock with the thumb and finger of her right hand and slowly moved up and down on my cock. After a short while she put her feet flat on the bed rested her hand on my chest and she thrust up and down on my cock in a way that I had never been fucked before... sensing I was about to come she again put her hand behind her and her thumb and fingers found my cock and she played with my cock as I ejaculated into the condom with the head of my penis still inside her vagina. I came so hard I almost thought II'd black out.

J allowed me a couple of hours sleep before she woke me and we had sex again. She told me that she had been too self conscious in her previous relationship to let herself go - and subsequently she was left with many regrets. Luckily for me she has decided to be a 'right fucking whore' going forward.

I have lots more to tell and J and I are in a really good place right now so maybe I will type something more in the next few days.