Written by car booty

7 Sep 2009

A few weeks ago my wife & i decided to sell at a car boot , As the shed was full of boxs & i just could not get to my tools. Anyway day of car boot car loaded & i decide to put a bag of my old porn mags in there also, they were good ones ie private etc & also about 6 swinging/ meet mags & a few gay too, So off we went, arrive & unload i decide to keep the mags back for a while till it slows dowm a bit as i dont want a scene, After about a hr i bring the mags to the back of the boot with the bag they are in pulled down a little. Very soon they are seen by a man about 50s large builder type with a copper bangle on one rather large wrist! I tell him to take a look at the side of the car which he does. being very forward he asks if we are into this game or did i just buy them to sell on. the first i reply. mmmmm says he how much for them all he asks, £20.00, he asks can i do something on that & the three of us laugh like what says the wife,

I will buy them but the cash is in the van (yer right) when you pack up come & get it for me i will be in the black plumbing van. ok. so off he goes.

I ask the wife what she says, i have to sit down my knees are weak she says. lol. I cant wait to pack up.

Ok wife is curvy v large tits. long dark hair, quite hairy all over really which we love. she loves cock & we often swing on here!.

One hr later we pull up at the van with no cars etc near us we knock on the window & she goes in first. Wheres the mags he says. ooo yer we forgot them there in the back of the car laughing.

so i guess you have come for some cock them. to right she says & with that leans over to unzip him. bone hard & so very thick no fourskin 5 " or so long. its soon in her mouth sucking & slurping for all she is worth, He wants to fuck her before he cums & she is soon on her back with her legs on the dash, no more 4play from him as he rubs his fat cock on her clit. she reaches out to my bulge & i think ok you rem im here bitch. as she is about to wank me he thrusts his cock in & she leaves me to grab his seat digging her nails in,she is so wet & cums all over him within seconds which is just as well as he only lasts a min.lol.

I dont last much longer when i get her home. As a parting gift he passed her his bussness card ...call me... part two soon