Written by neverseenthatB4

18 Oct 2010

Undertstanding there is quite possibly an argument here for my being subconciously complicit in the eventual outcome, I dont feel as if I planned it, moreso just allowed the structure of key parts and players. I may have known inevitably it might lend itself to my desire and human nature taking over. Do I regret it NO!!

Im 41 Wife 37 , I am sure she is MILF. My mates tell me she is. Size 12 36 DD breats and 5` 8". Good voulptuous figure. Real hour glass stuff.

I had a car in A---Trader for sale. No strange thing I buy and sell motors. However on this occasion I had for sale an unusually bling BMW X5. It had the big copy aftermarket alloys on its and was chromed up a bit too much for my taste. I knew it had a buyer and I knew who's profile it might suit.

That night, Wife and I were having a bit, As usual I was giving it the "tell me your naughty thoughts, which one of my mates turns you on, which one fancies you, come on you know who they are!" Then once she answers I quickly make her confirm how she knows. She feels a bit like she has to justify it and suggests a lingering look she received or a brush past her that had more to it. I then ask which one of the two she fancied the most...and so on until I have her vibrating herself silly calling his name!! Yeah for me, yeah for her ! Big turn on almost like you are controlling her desires and reading her most secret diary at same time. Great fun but It gets you thinking whats the next stage , the next high?

I always tease her to egg her on, asked if she still had it in her to have a go with someone else, we had talked about it and she was no shy shrinking violet. She had gone so far with an old mate of mine when we were younger. He had bottled it but not before she was unveiled by me, I stood behind her and dropped her towling gown from her shoulders and releasing her, at the time giant young breasts for him to see. He was gobsmacked, he had seen her pics but nothing prepared me or him for the feeling we had. I almost dragged her to the bed, She lay and she spread her own legs for him to go down on her and she loved it. However he was shy and never knew how to put a condom on so did'nt want to and then lost his erection and realsied what he was doing. Damn him for that! But c'`est la vie'.

Thats been long forgotten from 15 years ago almost. She is 37 now and still hot but slightly paranoid about her body, stretched from having our first and only child. We live in a nice house and from upstairs you have plain view of the driveway at front.I had a phone call about the car for sale the day before and the chap said he would come and view. I had an idea he may be black or indian. Anyway rush was on to prepare the motor. I had bruised my ribs playing rugby so it was hard to do a proper valet. Wax on wax off! So managed to persuade the wife to help me. She cleaned it up pretty good and it had benefits. She wore one of my white vest T shirts to do so and thought it was hysterical how little support she had from it in the boob department. She is easily a 36 DD and they were like two puppys in a sack shaking around. I was loving it and got into the car to clean the dash area and Glass. Looking at her from the inside now pressing her Boobs against the window and the water getting her shirt wet was awesome she has huge nipples and they were right there under the almost transparent wet cloth. When she pressed them against it was unreal. I just thought what if she did this whilst I had my mates in here with me. Would be awesome. I'd be lying if I said I didnt get my cock out to have a wank with her loving the fact she still turns me on.

Heres the laugh, The guy turnned up early to see the motor with me mid stroke!!! Oh my god it was so embarrassing, I nearly died. My heart was thumping like my mother had caught me. He probably never saw anything but the smell in the car must have given the game away eventually. My wife was caught too. It was plain as day from his car distance that she was being provocative in her movements. The fact that she had to distract him before he got close enough to see my cock was in my fantasy favour too. She directed him to park further over and whilst doing so hoped I would realise he was here already and stop jacking off. I was head down going for it you undertsand. She forgot of her predicamanet which was alot more refined than mine and so , trying to guard me , even though she was dressed about as much as a pole dancer in real terms. Ok she had Jeans on but when she started waving her arms to direct her boobs and nipples were completely drenched and on view. Like she was in a wet T shirt competition. He must have loved it. he got out of his motro sharpish and started hotfooting it down the drive towards her. I got my shit in order and stepped out and brushed the horn. he realised there was someone in car and slowwed his pace. My wife meanwhile made no effort ot hide herself, Not because she was horny but she had forgotten about her and worried about my cock bulging in my jeans.

The guy walks over "alright mate, Hi`ya luv how you doing?" laughing "Best welcome I ever had".

We both burst out laughing and we all started then. Quite an open moment. He got to know us real well in a few seconds.

He then suggested running his hand on the tailgate but looking at my wife "she looks a beauty mate! and the car aint bad either!" he chuckled.

My wife said something like "oh thats sweet thank you very much" and then smiled. It was a bit like Richard and judy when Judy fiinegan never realised her dress was undone at that presentation. The Guy realised my wife still had no idea her nipples were on wet view and said " where d'you buy those shirts love my missus should get one!" he gestrued to her breasts area and she looked down. well she nearly died on the spot, oh my god she yelled and covered them with crossed arms. She then started apologising whilst running off to the house to hide herself from view. The guy shouts "No need to apologise luv!" he looked to me and said "takes alot to shock me mate" then added "Bet your not happy with that mate, One thing showing your car its another showing your wife eh!"

Actually I said (now wanked up to 90% and gagging for it), "I`ll enjoy her show too, I`ll get good return off that tonight."

"Got you" he said knodding " Bit of fun in the bedroom at my expense eh?, not often your missus flashes a black guy, is it?" he snorted proud of himself and his black stature in the Porn/stud image world we live in.

Anyway we got talking about the car and my other love in life, making momey! Went for a test drive, he asked about car then wife again. I though bloody hell he wants to know some details about the bedroom fun we were going to have. It got heated by my choice. I enjoyed this and shared a few bits and bobs with him. I even suggested that she was in the house almost guranteed vibrating herself at her exhibition show. "Get off" he said!! I said "I'm telling you". I knew he was playing me like I play my wife...egging me on. I bit with keen eagerness. I waxed lyrical on his arse (LOL) I told him when we get back I`ll prove it, She will be in the end room on the day bed guaranteed, he should stand there when we negotiate and peek in through the blinds.. sure enough he did stand there and she was in bed but under the day throw. The cheap blinds never shut properly.

When we parked he got out and walked straight over to the window, leaning against it he started talking about the car out loud and turning to catch a glimpse. The look on his face confirmed everything as he peered through the crooked blinds. I will have to tell you the rest tomorrow but rest assured what happened next was play after emotional play. Amazing! I'm off to bed now to relive that day I will post the rest tomorrow if you all like.....