Written by bricky

13 Feb 2012

Got talking with this guy as you do and decided we would meet. I hadn't seen or asked for his picture; all i new was his age, 58 and he was tall. We agreed to meet at a spot I knew a month ago at 11.30pm. He wanted me to be waiting for him by the front of my car with my back to him at all times. I did as I was told and waited not knowing what he was going to do. I had a massive hard on and was dribbling precum which I could feel was making my briefs so damp. He arrived parking close to me; he got out his car and walked over to me not saying a word. He was much taller than me and stood very close to me. I could sense his breathing was quick. He put both his arms around my waist and undid my trouser belt, undid my zip then his massive hand groped my briefs with his fingers rubbing my precum patches. my trousers fell to my ankles and he rubbed inside my briefs all my precum over my balls, under my balls, and over my arse hole. He then pushed my down on the bonnet of my car kicking out my legs so they were fully spread. He ripped off my briefs and continued rubbing precum into my arse hole putting up hard 1, 2 then 3 fingers. He pushed in deep and asked if I was a slut to which I replied I was. He pushed fully in me his 3 fingers and finger fucked me hard taking his fingers out and pushing them into my mouth to clean. He pushed me further up the bonnet and spanked my arse continously; I felt that burning sensation as he smacked me more and more. He stopped and I heard him undo his zip; he pinned me down then ran his cock up and down my arse crack then suddenly rammed it up my arse till he could go no further. He then pumped me for 5 mins until he exploded deep in my arse. He fully emptied his cock in me then pulled out his cock and left me full of his cum with more coming out. He zipped up and left. I pulled up my briefs and wanked off spunking inside them. I was spunk filled. Wow what a meet.