Written by Colin

3 Nov 2009

Sal and I work in sales and have quite large adjoining territories, consequently being away most of the week we fuck like rabbits at the weekends. We are in our early 30's, and have an open marriage and tell each other about who we've fucked. We like to have sex in places where we might be caught or seen which Sal finds exciting. She is petite, about 5'2", so always wears heels which make her legs look good, small tits with perky nips and a tight butt.

One week in September we were both out on the road and our itineraries meant that on the Wednesday we were both close to the border of our area and arranged to stay at the same Lodge. I wouldn't arrive until lateish but it would be worth it. On the Wednesday afternoon I got a text saying she might be late as she had to dine a client, Tom, who she'd described once as big deals, big orders, big cock after letting him fuck her. I arrived at the hotel about 9 and got another text, just giving me some sat nav co-ords and saying be there by 10 for some fun. I drove there and found a large car park in woods miles from any where. There were several cars parked already one or two with interior lights on with people looking in. She wants to be watched being fucked I thought as I waited. A short time later Sal's car pulled up across the front of my car and stopped so I could see in the side windows. She had Tom with her. I waited and the light went on and I saw them kissing. I got out so I'd see more. The front of her dress was undone and he was pinching her nipples, which she loves, and she had her hand on his cock over his trousers. He moved his head down and sucked on her nips which were now sticking out like thimbles and had a hand between her legs. I sensed that I was not alone and saw that some one was next to me and on Sal's side another man just walked over and got his cock out wanking. Her window was down and I heard Tom say "Suck his cock". She turned her head and moved towards the offered prick and took it in her mouth sucking him off.

I'd got an erection and the bloke next to me had his cock out as he moved to the other side. Sal is an expert at sucking cock and soon the man came, shooting on to her face and hair. The second tried to take his place but Tom said "Get out of the car". As she did he reached over and turned on the side lights. She was standing in front of the car, showing her tits, dress undone but for 3 or 4 buttons. He got out of the car and stood behind her, he was about 6 foot and well built and she looked tiny standing there. As he pinched and rolled her nips 4 more men came out of the darkness to watch as he moved his hands down the dress gripped the cloth and ripped it open dropping it to the ground. He put his hand down the front of her panties and started to rub her pussy, forcing her legs apart so he could push in his fingers. He started to push her panties down put then took first one side and then the other and broke the elastic so they dropped to the floor. She was now naked except her shoes and standing displaying her Brazilian and her wet open cunt. By now the 6 men and me had our pricks out as her pushed her on her back on the bonnet and told her to masturbate for us. She opened her legs wide and slipped her fingers in her pussy as Tom got his cock out. I knew she was close to cumming as her chest flushed and she bit her lip pressing hard on her clit as she came.

She was the told to move and bend over in front of Tom whose thick 9" was ready. He reached for her thighs, lifted her up with her hands on the grass and held her like a wheelbarrow as he spread her legs and pulled her back onto his prick. He slid straight into the hilt as Sal moaned and he moved his hips almost pulling out as he fucked her. He seemed to last for ages as Sal moaned and shivered as she came 2 or 3 times before his back stiffened as he pumped his seed into her cunt. Sal got to her feet and lent back against the bonnet of her car spunk dribbling out of her and onto the paintwork. Tom zipped up and turned to us "Anyone else want to fuck her, toss off over her, blow job, she loves spunk". She got down in front of one and started sucking him and another got behind and lifted her so he could fuck her from behind at the same time. He didn't last long and came in her as she was swallowing the load in her mouth. They were replaced by 2 more who lasted longer as they hammered away in her pussy and mouth before she got another load in her cunt and sprayed on her face and hair. The last 2 just wanted to wank over her so she spread her body over the bonnet as she rubbed her clit cumming again as they tossed off, first one and then the other adding their spunk on her tits and running down her body. Tom had noticed that I hadn't fucked her "You going to give the tart one then mate?" I moved between her legs and rubbed my prick along her slit before pushing into her feeling cum oozing out as I fucked my wife on the bonnet of her car in front of strangers. She had hardly said a word all night but as we fucked she said "Fuck me, Fuck me Harder. Make me cum". With those watching saying "Fuck her, make the slut cum". As I felt her cunt muscles spasm I came inside adding my load. As I withdrew she whispered "Thank you, I love you".

"Right show over" Tom said as he picked up the remains of her dress and lead her to the car. She got in the drivers seat and I left before them to wait at the Lodge. About 15 minutes later she pulled up at the Lodge and parked up and got out of the car still naked she walked over smiling and I could see the spunk in her hair, a string dripping from her right nipple swaying as she walked.

Spunk on her stomach and running down the inside of her legs. Fortunately there was no one about and we got to the room unseen. Once we'd showered washing each others bodies we got to bed to grab some sleep before an early start in the morning. I had look in her car before we left and the drivers seat is going to need a serious valeting before any one notices all the spunk stains.