Written by Jim

7 Mar 2009

It was a dark evening towards the end of November. There was a light mist on the hills and the threat of rain. As they drove into the car park by Baitings reservoir, Jim thought that there would not be much chance of anyone being out. They pulled up in the right hand corner of the car park and switched off the engine. Jill lent over and started to rub her hand over Jim’s cock. He was already erect and had been since Jill had pulled the vibrator out of the glove compartment as they left the pub car park a few moments ago. She had pulled up her black skirt, exposing her stockings and slowly pushed the vibrator up inside her. She quickly pulled it out again and Jim could see the sticky wetness on the tip. She put the vibrator onto the dashboard for later.

Jill had by now got his cock out and was laid across licking and sucking it. Jim moved his car seat back, tilted it and adjusted himself so that he could see round the car park. After a few minutes he was close to coming and gently lifted Jill’s head away. Now it was his turn. He leaned over her and ran his hand up her stockinged leg to her black lace knickers. Her pants were wet and he pushed the fabric up inside her, and then reached out for the vibrator. He switched it on and pushed it up past her knickers and started a steady rhythm. Jill was squirming about on her seat and urging him on. “Go on, fuck me with it, ram it up me”, but Jim slowed down and whispered to her “Shall I put the light on so I can see you properly?”

Jill nodded and he switched the interior light on. She looked superb with the vibrator stuck between her lips, and he was just about to lean forward again when he saw car lights coming up the hill. He quickly switched off the light and pulled his wife’s skirt down. She closed her legs, gripping the vibrator. The car did a sweep of the car park and stopped at the far side.

“Can you see who it is” said Jill, as she twisted the vibrator on to a gentle buzz. Watching this, Jim started to wank himself slowly and with his left hand steadily pulling away, he surveyed the other car through the binoculars. He then reached up and switched on the interior lights briefly, so that the driver could see who they were. The other car quickly did the same. The driver was on his own.

Jim then put his light on again. “Take off your pants” he whispered to Jill. In a well-rehearsed routine, she placed both feet onto the dashboard. Jim moved across and removed the vibrator to make it easier for her, making sure that whoever was in the other car could see it clearly. Jill then slowly pulled her black lace pants off, pausing only to untangle them from her high heels. She waved them provocatively in front of Jim (and their watching companion) and then the light was off again.

The other car’s engine came on, and then came around the car park and stopped a few yards away from them. Jill was now getting worked up and was fingering herself very noisily. Jim had pulled down his tracksuit bottoms and was openly wanking. The door of the other car opened and the driver got out. He walked a couple of steps towards their car and stood near to Jill’s door. The lights from the main road below were casting just enough light to enable him to see into the car and he leaned forward to get a better view. Jim put his arm across and raised Jill’s skirt higher. Her fingers were slapping noisily into her. The stranger then walked around the car to Jim’s side and stared in again. Jim turned to look at him, and, lifting himself out of the car seat, pulled on his cock slowly and firmly, offering it the stranger’s gaze. Jill leaned over and licked the tip of his cock, placing her hand over Jim’s and then taking the full length of it into her mouth.

Without a word, our voyeur walked slowly back to his car. He got in the car again and put on the interior light. Both Jill and Jim had now stopped their frantic masturbation and were watching him intently. Jill whispered, “He’s playing with himself”, and sure enough, in an action mirroring Jim’s earlier show, he had raised himself off the seat so that they could both see him wanking. His cock was quite long and as he paused between strokes, he slapped the knob end up and down on the steering wheel.

Jill got onto her knees on the car seat, facing the other car. As she did this, the other driver opened his car door, so that they could see him fully. He was staring straight at Jill now as he slowly pulled the foreskin back and forward in long, deliberate strokes. Without a word from Jim, Jill unbuttoned her white blouse and let it fall to the floor, exposing her black lace bra, and her full, rounded breasts. Jim reached round her and cupped her tits, squeezing them, and then lifting them out of the bra. Jill now wound the window down and was encouraging their watcher - “Go on, wank off for me. I want to see you cum”.

She shouted to Jim - “Fuck me now. Fuck me”. As she spoke, Jim eased his prick into her wet hole, and grabbing her thighs tightly, slammed into her, right up to his balls. Their watcher was standing now, barely a foot away from Jill’s face, pumping his cock in time with Jim’s thrusting. Jill was now moaning and, in between gasps, was urging them both on – “I want your cum inside of me. Both of you. I want to feel your cock inside me. Both cocks at once”. At this, with a long groan, their voyeur’s cock erupted, shooting cum all over Jill’s tits and bra. As the first splash of hot sperm landed on her skin, Jill felt her climax building, and reached out through the window to pull him towards her. His still erect prick, covered in cum, slipped straight between Jill’s waiting lips. Jim pulled back and as his orgasm pulsed through him, twisted Jill’s head so that he could clearly see his wife’s red lips around the stranger’s cock. Jim’s first spurt landed fully on Jill’s mouth and the second and third landed in thick globules on their watcher’s hand. She slumped forward against the door as the stranger slipped his softening cock from her mouth.

He then bent down so that his head was next to Jill’s . “Next time darling, just like you want it – we'll take it turns to fuck you”. Before they could reply, he was back in his car and driving down the lane. As his lights disappeared, a thick stream of cum slipped onto Jill’s stockings and trickled down onto her hot pussy lips, mingling with her and Jim’s wet juices.