Written by claz

24 Jan 2014

Car park surprise.

Claire woke with a startle as the engine stopped and in contrast to the crisp winter air, felt Kev's warm hand reach up her skirt between her legs.

Her Panties had never been a challenge for him it's as if they knew to move to one side as he neared, helped on a little by Claire parting her legs to allow easier access.

She had lost all sense of time and bearing but she sensed she was comfortable no other cars were around, and knew her husbands intentions, and certainly wasn't about to turn him down in a hurry. Since he worked away for many a nights at a time she had to adjust to not having his cock every day ..... And she missed it!

She adjusted the seat and went to lay back, ready to be played with, but before starting Kev wound down the windows complaining about the heat as he did so.

Kev rubbed Claire's clit gently at first, but then harder and she was gasping and talking dirty, but he wasn't about to make her cum just yet, as he liked to savour that sensation on his shaft.

Bringing her to the edge he stopped rubbing and pushed his own seat back, within 2 movements his pants were off and he stroked his dick knowing this drove her wild. She cupped his balls and smirked as as she eyed him up feeling hungry for cock. She never grew tired of blowing him, in fact it was one of her favourite pastimes and she moved her head down to take his entire cock towards the back of her throat as she eased her head up and down in a perfect rhythm.

He came deep in the back of her throat and pulled out quick to ensure he got a fair amount over Claire's pretty face. There was nothing he loved more than seeing his juices dribbling down Claire's face and chin, like a proud dog marking his territory.

Kev got out the car still half naked and grabbed a blanket out the boot, explaining he was tired and for safety they should rest a while. Claire was never one for sleeping under the stars, but with a car roof over her head and kev besides her it didn't seem so bad. They dozed off together.

About an hour or so later Claire woke up shivering and moving closer to Kev's body to steal his warmth she felt the familiar stirring of his loins, he just couldn't resist when she was next to him and butt naked, the familiar second wind.

He wanted pussy this time, and she was glad she'd shaved to make it look as appealing as possible. He told her to climb across the back seat, face the window and kneel on all fours. He reached around her with one arm and grabbed her hair with the other. When entering her from behind they both liked that it made her feel dirty.

He pounded her deep but with a steady rhythm as she felt his balls swinging against her ass. This was an area that he primed each time they were intimate with a future desire for her little ass hole to take his humongous girth. In usual fashion he inserted his finger and eased if open, watching it gape with such acceptance. It felt bliss and within minutes he felt the familiar shudder of her body, and pussy gripping his cock as she accepted him. Claire cumming always drove him wild and he intended to give her plenty more of his goods so he increased his speed and depth.

Going for it and both forgetting where they were their paradise was broken by the sound of rustling leaves outside the car. Shhhh said Claire, what's that? Kev just told her she was being silly, but as it occurred again louder and closer he resigned to the fact that someone was there, admiring her body.

He looked in to the car, allowing Claire and kev to see him and know he was watching, waiting.

Claire could see he had a hard on over her through his trousers and she loved it, being adored. He reached his hand down, beneath his waistband and in to his trousers, grabbing his cock in hand. He came closer to the car and waved it through the window towards her face and as kev pounded he'd he encouraged her to taste it. She was nervous before but as soon as her tongue touched it and she heard him murmur in appreciation she was going at him hungrier and wild. Kev's cock grew inside her as he watched his wife, turn in to a cock sucking slut, before his very eyes. She was being jolted and banged in both directions by two appreciative cocks and both of them were close to showing her just how much.

Kev wanted a better view of the gobbling so he withdrew to be sure he had the best possible view, and rising slightly to catch a sneaky look he carried on jerking off with the tip of his penis against her earlier exposed ass hole. As the stranger pulled out of Claire's mouth and then shot his load over her face, neck and tits kev spurted over her ass hole and it dribbled down to her pussy. Every sweet hole giving the effect of overflowing spunk. The man at the window said nothing, he got what he came for as he zipped up and turned on his heel shuffling off in to the distance.

Kev kissed Claire and they both dressed and then she smiled at him. As soon as she'd woken properly earlier, before giving head she realised he'd bought her back to their favourite dogging spot, and it was her turn for double pleasure. You see they took it in turns to fulfil each others fantasies and were now regulars, raising the stakes each time. Claire was yet to let another man come in her mouth, or fuck her while kev joined in but she knew he was building her up to that, and secretly she just could not wait. Just the thought made her pussy tingle again.