Written by dogsize9

21 Dec 2009

hi. after months of searching i finaly got a meet. i am a bi tranny virgin. sorry was. when my wife found my girly stuff she lelt. that was a year ago. i have allways dressed up but never had the bottle to go past the front door, till she left me. i,m 34 years old so i can dress up if i want?. so i got a guy to meet me near j10 of m40. iwas to wear his choice of clothes. it was a black and pink basque with matching mini skirt. i added thigh length 3" lace boots. with black lace top hold ups and black silck nickers. then we meet. on a wednsday night about 8.30pm. we went to a nearby woods. he parked as far from me as he could. i walked across the car park tottering in my heels to his van. i need more practice at that. he openend the side door and kissed me. i,m not into make up and wigs yet. i was made to parade for him, which i did because as soon as i,m dressed up im a sub. i sat on the step of his van he then made me lick his ass.i was not to keen on this but i wanted cock in my ass. he liked what i did so i got rewarded. he let me suck his cock to full hardness. while i did this he lubed my ass with his fingers. then my favourite bit. he put me on my hands and knees and fucked my ass from behind! i loved the feeling of his cock enter me. but i was to tight for him? he then spun me a round so i could take his spunk in my mouth. "atm". another first which i want to repeat. after he shot his load he pushed me out of his van.i walked to my car. he never called or text again.2 months later i want more anyone intrested ?