Written by Private

28 Aug 2019

I thought you would like to have my experiences re told here is part 2

Well I hope you all enjoyed the first instalment and we loved telling you about it. My BF wrote the first episode but I thought a GF view point would be good for all the women on the site.We still go out in the car on a regular basis and we love the thought of been seen. The next exploit was a little while later in the year. We had arranged to go out for a meal with another couple. They are both in the middle 40s Jeff is about 6ft the business man type Julie is 5ft 5 black hair and about a size 14 like myself. My BF decided to drive and duly picked them up and drove us to the restaurant. I couldn’t get over how snobby Julie was she was dressed smartly but very reserved while I wore a button up dress,heels and stockings.

The meal was great and the wine flowed freely the conversation started slowly but got more and more erotic. I could see Julie was rather uncomfortable with this and looked rather flustered. So I asked who wears the trousers in your relationship and Jeff immediately stuttered Julie. Jeff asked who’s the boss in your relationship. I piped up it’s my other half what ever he says I do. Julie said she would not put up with that and said I don’t believe you. My BF said Ok I will prove it to you. He calmly asked me to go to the toilet and remove my underwear I looked sideways at him and hesitated thinking this is our private thing between the two of us. Julie said that’s not what I call obedient.I thought you snotty cow so I got up and Julie said she was only joking but I carried on and went to the toilet 5 mins later I was back. Julie said that does not prove anything so with that I reached across the table to Julie open your hand l ordered-her and placed my small but very wet string in Julies hand.

My god its soaking and gave it back. Jeff asked if he could see the string and Julie scowled as it was passed over. Your right its soaking give it back hissed Julie. You better go and put it back on my BF told me so off I went to slip back into it. Julie was now really shocked but somehow Jeff took some encouragement and said what else can she do. Wait and see my BF said and Julie told Jeff off and not to get any ideas. We paid the bill and went to the car Julie was fuming but Jeff was enthralled by it. They got into the back of the car. There was some tension in the air as we drove off and as we headed out of town the countryside and dark roads soon hit us. So calmly My BF said to me take off your dress and as he was saying it he was looking in the rear view mirror and Julie said that this is crazy she won’t do it Jeff I am telling you. Button after button was undone exposing my bra and string and stocking tops. Another wiggle of my arse in the seat and it was off. Throw it in the back seat I was instructed. Now take your bra off was the next order and I could see Jeff was thoroughly enjoying himself and I was now so horny again throw it in the back seat. My firm 36c tits were on show. Fucking hell Julie Jeff shouted out loud. Julie said ok I get the point now put your clothes back on.My BF stopped the car on the dark road l looked at him and I thought what’s is he planning next and Julie said what are you doing.. With an authority I was told to get out of the car walk around the car slowly and then get into the back seat and sit between Julie and Jeff. I opened the door slowly and I stood up on the road so they could see me in all my glory. Julie said this is ridiculous and so humiliating. Jeff shouted wow what a lovely body what a nice rounded arse looks very firm to me Julie. There was silence from Julie as I walked-slowly around the car.. Julie said quietly she must be cold her nipples are so erect. As I got to the back of the car closest door to Julie I stopped and smiled at Julie our eyes following each other in a kind of trance. With that I turned around thought let’s see how stuck up she is so I bent down from the hips and my swollen lips had engulfed the string and my shaved pert arsehole was clearly on view. Julie gulped and said very slowly and precise wow you can see the lot. Still staring in a daze at me she turned and I walked to the rear door. Slojwly opening it Julie got out still transfixed and I bent down provocatively knowing she was looking at my dripping pussy. I slid over to sit alongside Jeff. Julie got in and shut the door. My BF was clearly very aroused just like me and he said I think Julie wants you get dressed darling. I said that I only take instruction from you.Well Julie what’s it to be my BF asked in a stern voice. Start the car Julie said, Jeff throw the clothes in the front seat she told him.There we were our friends seeing a new me and new us with me more or less naked and smelling of sex squashed next to them.

Open your legs dear so out friends can get a better look was my next order and i did and I could feel my pussy was flowing with juices down to my arsehole. Would you do me a favour Julie my BF asked she replied quickly what.??she said, would you ask Jeff to take her string off. Silence and I was biting my lip and without asking i started to tweak my nipples. I had all sort of thoughts running in my head including how much of a slut I had become letting the three of them feast their eyes on my near naked mature body but I was loving the empowerment. The silence was broken Julie turned to Jeff take her string off. My BF was looking back in the mirror as Jeff adjusted his seating position and slowly tugged the string free from pussy. Julie looked at my BF in the mirror and mouthed you bastard. The string went down passed my knees over my stockings and off over my heels. Jeff said look Julie she is bald down there. With that I laid back opened my legs as wide as possible and started to rub my engorged clit. Why don’t you encourage her my BF shouted back and this is where Julie’s domineering side came into play from prim and proper snob to a filthy tirade. Calling me a dirty slut, telling me to finger myself harder and shouting for me to fist myself. She even got me on all fours at one point with my bare arse facing her whilst I was frigging myself. She loved the power as much as I loved being dominated. The next moment she made contact with me and started kissing me passionately and roughly and biting my erect nipples. Jeff was taken by surprise then her hand slipped down to my gaping pussy and within seconds I was writhing and my body was buckling. She was shouting and her-hand was all the way in as I came over Julie’s hand and squirted 5-6 streams from my pussy. As I subsided we carried on kissing l never knew my bi side was so strong. Julie asked my BF to stop the car and told Jeff to site in the front. Although Julie was still fully clothed it was a powerful sight for the men and I could here Jeff thanking my BF. We soon got back to their house and Julie and Jeff got out. I stayed in the back seat playing with myself and threw my dress back on a couple of streets from home. A few days later Julie texted my BF to say can she come with us on the next night drive. That we hope will be next week let me know if you want me to tell you about it and tell me how naughty I am especially from all you ladies.