Written by Anonymous

28 Aug 2019

Well I hope you all enjoyed the last instalment. It gave me a big thrill to let you know what happened with Julie. We have been in constant contact since and Jeff's mates have really enjoyed looking at Julie naked in our photographs and have been asking who her plaything is. This has made me really wet and the thought of his mates wanking themselves off looking at us naked is an ultimate turn on.

Jeff and my BF have been planning something and on Friday night we found out. We had arranged to go out for a meal and a few drinks and the lads decided where we were going. Julie phoned me on the Wednesday before all excited. Jeff had told her that they had planned something new for the both of us. Friday came along and my BF had not said anything and when I came home from work I immediately had a text from my BF. He told me to go upstairs to our bedroom and wait for him naked. I got undressed and waited for him naked the door opened and in he walked and greeted me with a quick kiss and slap on my arse. He ordered me to shave and as usual he made sure there was not a hair on my pussy or arse. A quick shower and I reentered the bedroom. On the bed was some new underwear in the form of a white g string,bra and suspenders belt. On the foot of the bed was my stretchy white dress.

I said to him that I thought we were going for a meal with Julie and Jeff he said with a wicked smile that we were. Fuck I thought that he was mad. But my pussy was aching and I was now so horny that I thought a couple of glasses of wine I would be ok. On went my stockings and white heels and went over to the full length mirror and slipped on my string and I said to my BF that the bra would not work. So I left it on the bed and pulled on the dress and pulled it over my tits and arse. We drove over to Julie and Jeff's house and I was already very wet thinking about how things would unfold. Driving over I had dress around my waste and g string around my ankles. Going through the town we stopped at the traffic lights and a lorry pulled along side he cast his eyes down to me with my gaping pussy. I smiled back and we drove off. Wow I said did you see the driver looking at my bare pussy my BF just laughed and said he would be wanking over what he saw later. This made me so turned on as we pulled into Julie and Jeff's drive. I pulled my g string up and wiggled my dress down over my arse. Out we got and rang the door bell.

The door opened and it was Jeff with a big grin on his face and ushered us in he gave a peck on my cheek and put his hand on my my arse. Lovely he said.

In we went into the lounge. Their house was well presented and very grand. I heard the door open and it was Julie. She looked stunning with her dark black hair and bright red lipstick.her dress like mine just covered her ample tits and arse. The outline of her g string barely visible.She turned and asked the boys what was their plans. We are off to dinner Jeff said, Julie looked at me and said that’s it then my BF stepped in and said let’s see how you behave and listen to instruction and we see how it goes. Right then Jeff my BF said let’s get going so we left the house my BF in the front seat with Jeff driving his Mercedes.

Off we went and Julie and I sat in the back and as soon as we started driving my BF said that when we arrive at the restaurant he and Jeff would go in first and he would text me when we were to enter the restaurant.

This was going to be a big move for Julie and I as we were now going public for the first time dressed as dirty milfs with identical dresses leaving nothin to the imagination. We arrived at the restaurant some 30mins drive it was a quiet village type of place from what we could see. Jeff stopped the car and my BF turned to us both. Now I will text you in about 10mins time. Off they went leaving Julie and I in the back of the car. Julie asked if I was nervous and what would the other people in the restaurant think of us. I said I was and the thought of men lusting after us and the women saying snide comments was kind of horny. Julie said what happens if someone recognises us. Before I could consider it a ping on my phone. It was my BF he told us to get out of the car and walk in. Go up to the bar and order some drinks. He then told us to sit down and he would send another text.

I showed my text to Julie and said shall we do it or disobey Jeff and my BF. Silence then Julie said that she loved her new life as a slut for her husband and she wanted to please him. I was unsure but Julie run her hand up my leg to my pussy and found my lips wide open and streaming juice. Let’s go I said I knew how much I loved by new Bi side. Out we got locked the car and looked around and started to walk slowly across the car park. We were tottering in our heels, tits and arses swaying Soon we were at the front entrance we looked at one another and opened the door l walked in first. The bar was about half full mainly couples. We stood in the entrance frozen I could feel everyone starring. I could not see Jeff or my BF. We walked the 15 paces across the room to the bar. I could feel everyone’s attention and there eyes on our bodies. I heard one women comment that we looked like two sluts and I refused to turn around to see who it was. Julie was in front and the lighting in the restaurant left nothing to the imagination emphasising her big tits and shapely legs and arse. Our dresses barely covering our arses.At the bar we turned to face the restaurant and could see the grins on the men and the women frowns. Right ladies the barman asked what would you like to drink. Two large white wines Julie replied. Can we put them on the tab Julie asked as had no other way of paying. Of course he said and off we walked over to the corner where an empty sofa was available. We got to the sofa put our drinks down and sat down. Opposite there was a couple in their thirties sitting with their drinks looking at the menu.My heart was racing. As we sat back my phone went ping it was my BF congratulating us on our entry. We took a large gulp of our wine and sat back. Julie said she felt so horny and her nipples were sticking out through the dress. Ping went the phone it was my BF with our next instruction. As I read it I took another drink of wine and passed the phone to Julie. It read sit back and and open your legs for the couple opposite. By the time I read it I looked up and they caught my eye. I smiled a nervous smile. He was about mid thirties and fit looking she was blond about the same age. They both smiled back. Julie passed the phone back and we took another drink and slowly started to open our legs. Immediately we got the couples attention not to mention a few others in close proximity. He gave his wife a nudge and she smiled back. As we parted our legs I could feel the tingling through my pussy and I knew they could see my white string barely covering my pussy. Our legs were wide apart and we certainly had an effect on him as he was trying to cover a very impressive erection under his trousers. Julie leaned over and whispered that she was sure her pussy lips had popped out from behind her string. My god I thought and looked back to the couple. He immediately got up and excused himself. She seemed so cool sipping her drink and smiling. I knew all the time she was looking directly at our crotches. Ping went the phone it was my BF. It was time for our meal and we closed our legs and adjusted our dresses the blond smiled and said calmly that she had appreciated our performance and would have liked to see some more. She quickly got a pen from her bag and wrote her telephone number on a scrap of paper and passed it to Julie. Lovely pussy lips she commented to Julie. Just then my BF and Jeff came along to escort us to our table. The meal was lovely and we both had plenty of attention from the waiters throughout. It was time to leave and it was now dark in the car park. My mind was thinking back to our display in front of the other couple it was a great sensation being able to turn them both on. As we got to our car my BF and Jeff got into the front and Julie and I got in the back. Well done they both congratulated us. Jeff had managed to speak to the blonds partner at the bar and Jeff explained how he and my BF controlled us. He said he really fancied the both of us. Jeff then told him to keep an eye on us during the evening and when we left they were to follow 10 mins later. The boys turned to us in the car and told us to remove our dresses and we sat in our strings and heels. Then over my BF shoulder I could see the couple slowly walking towards the car. They kept stopping and looking around then very slowly they arrived at the car. Julie and I were now very excited the thought of that couple being feet away from us. My BF lowered his window and called them over. He introduced himself and Jeff and then introduced Julie and I as the dirty sluts. The blond calmly said that was completely and surprisingly turned on by our appearance and slutty behaviour in the restaurant. My BF asked do you want to see them without their dresses on and they both said yes. Well go to the back of the car. The area where we parked was in a secondary overflow car park poorly lit but there were a number of cars about. With that Jeff ordered us out of the car. Slowly I opened the rear door and at the same time Jeff and my BF got out. With the coast clear I stepped out naked with only my tiny white lace string covering my bald pussy. My nipples were erect and then Julie stepped out her larger tits bouncing around. This was the defining moment for our exhibitionist way of life. Fuck! Fuck! her husband shouted. The blond stepped forward and walked around us kind of sizing us up appreciating our full tits and arses. Incredible way to behave it’s so erotic. She said I know it’s cheeky but would they take their strings off as well. Yes of course they will so my BF told us to turn around with our backs to our new friends and slowly remove our strings. I was feeling both ashamed and highly aroused knowing we were providing pleasure in this way. So Julie first pulled her string from her wet pussy and down her knees fumbling it over her heels. Next it was me freeing it from my arse and pussy lips and down my knees and off. We turned around to face them. I love shaved pussies and bald arses the blond stated.

Ok the blond said to my BF in a very authoritative voice that these two sluts are perfect. Still naked she asked her husband what he thought and he agreed. How dirty do these sluts go my BF replied you will have to wait and see won’t you. They have my number give me a ring in the week. She came over to both Julie and I and gave us a quick peck on the cheek and walked off with her husband. We got in the car and drove off thinking what is the next test for Julie and I. We were both stroking each other commenting on how horny a couple they were. Since then Jeff and my BF have arranged something with the blond over the phone. It’s tomorrow night and I am so wet thinking about it. Now then would you like to have an update afterwards.?? I would love to have your comments it makes Julie and I so wet. Especially comments from Helen more the better from the ladies. Let us know what you think Jeff and my BF have got sett Up