Written by Private

28 Aug 2019

I thought I would re-share this encounter with you all

Well this all started as a kind of dare when we were both at it. I suggested we go for a car ride. I would drive and the GF would have to obey my instructions. A little about her she is early 40s and size 14 but she absolutely loves sex. I thought she would bottle it and back out, how wrong was I. It was a typical late autumn evening dark and raining. I told her to get ready whilst I waited down stairs thinking of the journey and planning the route. Down she came kind of dressed as normal jeans,boots and button shirt. I thought this is not going to happen where is the long coat. How wrong I was. We got out to the car and set off. Not a word was said but she looked a little tense. We started moving and with a calm authority I asked her to undo her buttons on her shirt. One by one she undid the buttons and it was clear she was not wearing a bra. Her shirt was loose and her lovely tits we’re partly on view. As we drove out of town and into the country I instructed her to undo her jeans. I could see the tension increase and a second or two passed and instructed her again. She reached down popped the button and slowly slid the zip down. Now take them off she looked across and lifted her arse off the seat and slid them down to her boots. Take them off but leave your boots on. Off came her jeans and back on with her boots. She was now in her tiny g string and open shirt. Slowly we drove towards a little village and she went to reach for her jeans. Leave them I instructed and her hands went to cover her tiny g string. Move your hands I ordered and we slowly drove through the empty street now out into the dark country lanes. Now it was time for her to remove her shirt and now the tension was raised and her chest was heaving as she pulled her arms out of her shirt and her firm tits spilled out and she was there just in her g string and boots. I reached down to her pussy and she without hesitation opened her legs and felt her sodden pussy. The road was empty with the only light coming was from the dash illuminating her nearly naked body. Now play with your nipples was my order which she did instinctively. Her eyes were now closed and and she lay further back in her seat. She was now in a very horny state and when I asked her to take her string off she did so as if in the safety of our house. I asked her pass the string to me which I hung on the rear view mirror with her sticky gusset section visible. I asked her was she enjoying herself and she reached down to her bald pussy and started to play with her sodden and slimy pussy. She was now groaning and in a world of her own, her boots on the dash legs apart and fingering her pussy hard. In the distance I could see some lights coming towards us. Should I warn her or should I risk it. I did not feel like braking the scene. My heart was beating faster and looking at her advanced state I thought I would risk it. Her fingers were furiously been pushed into her dripping pussy. The car was now only a 100 yards away on the dark narrow road. Her moaning was getting louder and louder. Before I knew it the vehicle was in front of me. Fuck it was a white delivery van and there was hardly room to pass. I started to brake and my GF looked up and screamed oh fuck oh fuck it was too late. The van driver could see her and stopped along side as we were mirror to mirror. He was in his late 50s I guess with a big grin on his face. My GF with one hand trying to cover her tits and the other on her pussy. As we that close I lowered the window to negotiate passing each other. He was having a good eyeful and he noticed her g string hanging from the mirror. We chatted and said he would have a good wank on this tonight and couldn’t wait to tell his wife. He then asked if he could have the g string and my GF said give it to him as she wanted to go quickly. I handed it over and we left. I thought this would be it but oh no, no shouting, no screaming back she went boots on the dash and fingering and within a minutes she was organising in a very hard-way. After it ebbed she relaxed and was whimpering and then I asked was she ok and to my amazement she said it was the best experience ever. She slowly got dressed and we got home. We have now done this a number of time and we would love to do it with another couple in the back seat. If anyone would be interested just say in your comments. She would love your encouragement and I can add some more instalments.