4 Jul 2019

Marie and I continued our fuck buddy relationship up over the next several months with me typically heading home from offshore and jumping in the car or getting picked up by Marie and going over to hers as soon as I returned. It was great to spend the first few hours after returning home working out our mutual frustrations after being denied the pleasure for three weeks. I can’t deny it was great to be screwing a woman who knew what her needs were and wasn’t afraid to go after it.

Fortunately we could speak on the phone during my time on the platform and I cant deny Marie would certainly turn things decidedly steamy relaying what she wanted and how she was going to get it when I got back. If anyone was listening in to those conversations I’m sure their eyes would have been popping.

One time I got home Marie picked me up and whisked me off to hers, we stopped at the pub we had started to use as it was very handy just off the motorway and on the main road into town. We got our drinks and sat at a table in the corner, we chatted about the general events of the last three weeks when I felt Marie’s stocking clad foot start to make its way up my shin. Marie was looking intently over my shoulder which made me turn to look, fell for it hook line and sinker, as soon as I looked away she grabbed my cock through my jeans and really squeezed it. I looked back in her direction as she said hes going to be fucking knackered by the time I’m finished. Marie had to release her grip briefly as the barmaid came over and collected some glasses from nearby tables. We both watched as she collected the glasses from the table opposite before turning round to see if there any glasses near us. She smiled and said lovely evening isn’t it? Marie replied with the usual pleasantries and asked why it was so quiet tonight? The bar maid said there was some meeting which the main core of the regulars were attending and it wouldn’t get busy until nine at the earliest. At that she disappeared back to the bar.

I looked round and realised we were now the only customers in that half of the pub. This was clearly not lost on Marie either, my attention was taken back to our table by Marie unzipping my jeans. In no time had she fished my cock out of my pants and went down on me. All I could say was oh fuck as she worked my cock for all it was worth. The barmaid was busy serving in the snug and wasn’t paying any attention to the sex starved red head enjoying her companions dick. I was pretty soon at the point of no return and held Marie’s head down on my cock and filled her mouth.

When she sat up she just matter of factly said now I know you’re going to last for me, just like that no hint that she’d just blown me in a pub, all be it a deserted one. With that she finished her drink and said we’re off.

We didn’t go direct to hers, she drove to the local pizza place and ordered what we normally had. We stood in the corner of the shop trying to avoid the queue which was forming. In the queue was a young woman who was wearing a denim skirt with black hosiery and sexy as fuck heeled knee high boots. I couldn’t help but admire her legs and what she wore on them, a fact not lost on Marie. Is it the opaques or the boots you like then she asked. A bit of both I replied but the whole combo of the skirt with the boots and tights is fucking awesome, I’ll bear that in mind she said. We got our food and went back to hers. We ate the food and then just cosied up to each other on the sofa. Marie excused herself and disappeared up the stairs. By now I was ready to fuck and just stripped off and sat waiting for her to return.

I heard her come down the stairs and she came into the room and stood dead in her tracks when she saw me sitting there with nothing but a smile. You randy little bastard she said, well no point wasting time then, she stripped off down to her stockings and sussies before looking at me and saying I presume I need to keep these on? You know me all too well I said now get your arse over here. Marie didn’t need asking twice she stood over me and rubbed my hard cock with her foot while she rubbed her tits and teased her nipples. I ran my hand up her leg to her pussy and teased her clit. She started whimpering as I rubbed her bud and slipped a couple of fingers in her. It’s a bastard of three weeks when you’re away but fuck do I love it when you get back she said. I got her to kneel on the sofa resting her arms on the back of it, I was taking control and fucked her from behind, I grabbed her hips and pounded her for all I was worth. Oh fuck yes babe give it to me she groaned and started pushing back as she really go into the fucking, I reached round and let her nipples rub on my upturned hand, the pace slowed but I was able to keep her stimulated by her nipples which she was loving.

I removed my hand and resumed pounding Marie, I tried something different and reach up to grab her hair, I slowly and gently pulled her head back as I wasn’t sure she’d let me. It was really horny dominating this sex goddess and she was happy to let me. She was by now very worked up, all she could say was floor, I wasn’t really getting her meaning and just carried on until she demanded that I get on the floor. She wanted me on my back so she could straddle me and ride me.

This was one of her favourite positions and she could dictate the pace, it didn’t take long before she was coming and I could feel the cum leaking out of her. She whimpered almost unable to talk, “oh my god I’m coming so much it feels like I’m pissing on you!” Marie collapsed on me and kissed me, I was still rock hard inside her, a fact not lost on her. Looks like my little ploy earlier certainly paid off she laughed. Roll over and you’ll find out I said, we fucked in the good old missionary position until I unloaded and filled her pussy.

We laid on the floor cuddling for some time until my fondling of her breasts and nipples got her going again and she dragged me upstairs for another night of great sex.

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