Written by welsh_horny_cpl

21 Oct 2010

Hi all, new to this site, thought I'd share our first swinging experience with you all.

I'm David, 29, and I have a beautiful girlfriend Amy who is also 29. I'm tall, shaved head, hairy chested and cheeky. She is 5'8, slim with raven hair, green eyes and pert 32c breasts, with a cute latino-style bum.

We've always had a very adventurous streak to our sex life - the first time we did it was outdoors, in a park behind a pub...and we pretty much went on from there! But we'd never opened things up to anyone else, in 2 years of the relationship, despite talking about it and both being pretty keen, I guess the right moment never happened.

Well, 3 weeks ago, we were out on a boozy night out in cardiff, and had reached a favourite bar which generally ends up as the final destination for us (Dempseys, for anyone who knows cardiff). We'd intended to meet friends, but they'd cancelled last minute, so it was just the two of us on a table, surrounded by a growing number of empty glasses. I could see her getting flirtier with the barman every time she went up for more...but that kinda turned me on, she knew i was watching. Well, after seeing her get at least a triple shot for the price of a single from mr barman (her shirt being accidentally unbuttoned a bit too far, showing nicely wonderbra-ed cleavage played a part in that, i imagine), she came back with a cheeky grin and i couldn't stop myself planting a kiss on her as she sat down next to me. Her hand strayed down to my crotch and she could feel that El Barman wasn't the only one interested in her shirt button malfunction.

There's a cough from in front, and laughing, and I look away from the wondercleavage to see an attractive blond haired woman of about 45, kind of a daryl hannah lookalike, ish, and a tall broad stubbly guy holding a couple of drinks. "Anyone sat here?" she asked and gestured to the two seats opposite us. I said they were welcome to them, and so they sat. Her continuing to smile at me in a slightly un-nerving way.

They were about as tipsy as we were, and the conversation flowed like the various drinks we were knocking down, and we all got on like a house on fire. Amy was going into overdrive flirt mode with Dean, the broad stubbly guy, and he was obviously enjoying the attention. Though I wasn't paying too much heed, as (daryl hannah esque) Sarah and I had got to the stage of reading each other's palms, and with my hands in hers, and her bare knees resting against my inner thighs under the narrow table, my attention was pretty much fully taken. She told me she could see an exciting encounter happening in the very near future. I looked into her deep eyes and she grabs my collar and from nowhere, starts kissing me hard on the lips. I can see Amy from the corner of my eye, laughing with Dean as they watch us, so I thought, why not, and went for it. She was fierce, and her tongue flicked all over my lips and teeth, before she finished the kiss with a hard bite on my bottom lip. I pulled away to see her grinning, and Amy and Dean locked in a similarly passionate kiss.

I wasn't really sure what to do next as this seemed like the kind of opportunity we'd been wanting, but totally didn't know how to play it. Dean helped me out. After pulling off my woman, he looked at me and said "You two are coming home with us".

We piled into the front room of a very swanky flat in the expensive bay area of the city, and the flirting, touching and grinding that had been taking place in the taxi exploded into clothes tearing. I was all over Sarah, pulling her jeans off with some trouble, then ripping her vest and clawing at the back of her cute plain bra. She unclasped it, and her ripe milky tits, less firm, but far bigger than my Amy's, bounced out into my face. I barely had time to lick around her large pink areolas before she'd pushed me back against the door and started on my belt. I glanced across at Amy, wondering if she'd mind... She was kneeling in front of a disrobed Dean, with his cock already in her open mouth, her hand cupping his balls, the other moving over her own thighs. I looked down, and Sarah had my trousers down, and was toying with the large bulge in my boxers, a small patch of precum soaking through in anticipation. "Fuck me" she said, staring up and into me. Oh boy....