Written by rom62

17 Apr 2008

I went today to the care home where my gran is now living, I'am married never strayed but today it changed - and what a time -

My gran is 82 and has been living in a carehome for some 2 yrs we visit every other week, today about noon i visited her but all the residents were having lunchI sat with my gran- now there are many types of old people in this home my gran suffers from lost of memory and we have to always remind her - anyway sitting at her dinner table today were two new ladies Betty and Denise both aged about 80+ but they were both fully aware about what was going on arounr them.

After dinner I took gran back to her room to have a snooze and went back into the day room to chat to with these other ladies-Betty asked me to help her to her room which I did- andwas I shocked what happened as I helped her to her room she only askedif she could wank me off, being a little shocked I played it down then she said look I mightbe old but I still get an urge and if you want you can fuck me - It didn't seem real but I locked bedroom door behind us and spent the next hour having the most incrediable sex with a women who was old enough to be my gran - she took my cock in her mouth up her vagina and to top it all finished me off by alowing me my first anal sex - I just could not believe that some one so old could be so sexual - she told me her mate Denise like her still hankered after sex and she would arrange next week when I visited gran I might have some more fun with older ladies, Betty even said her and Denise weren't bothered if we made it a group thing - God I gotta get a job in a care home- these older ladiesjust love it - oh by the way me 40yrs old and up for anything - oh yes