Written by Ross

15 May 2016

Thankyou to all who took the time to comment on my situation.

I totally agree I was a fool and got caught out which is really what prompted me to write in the first place. My goal was to simply warn others as they take this journey of what my happen.

For those who said I should have fought more. My only answer is that I was thinking of the kids and wanted the best for them and give them a home to live in that they were used too. I still have access the children and a good relationship with them.

They were used to seeing Lance (the lover) in our home a lot and him being in our bedroom. You could not hide it and we thought it best to be open and honest with them rather than getting caught.

Also don’t think I never thought of violence towards him. I had offers from friends but it was her that went along with him so what about her. What would make her change her mind and come back? She would only feel for him.

Plainly, I never saw it coming as a matter of fact I could not believe how well it all went and how my wife and I were so happy.

I never saw Lance as a dominate person. For the six months he was always so considerate and often complementary to both Donna and myself.

It was usually myself or Donna that suggested variations or came up with ideas and different ways to have the sex. Also as I said previously it was she that asked him to stay the rest of the night when we first brought him home and we both had her. She was so eager and so happy that I could not say no to her. I also felt I had to go along with it and enjoy things how they developed as I had set it in motion.

When it became clear that he could be a regular it seemed such a natural progression. Donna and I often discussed after he had gone how lucky we had been to find such an ideal lover for her. She used to say that if she had imagined having 2 men was this good then she would not have resisted as long as she did.

I said before that I masturbated sometimes while he fucked her. Well, he did the same sometimes as well. We sort of did everything that 3 people could do regarding sex except any male/ male stuff which neither of us was into.

When Lance was away from us our own sex life remained at a very high level and exciting. Some mornings I would be dressed for work and she grab me in the bedroom and have me fuck her standing up, just by lifting here gown. The kids would be having breakfast. She would then phone me at work and thank me for the knee trembler and tell me things like that she had not showered and cum was still running down her leg and wished I was home to lick it up.

She would also tell me when Lance had called early in the day and nailed her. She would tell be about and tell me not to be late home so I could have her and add to it. These things were such a turn on for me and she really got off doing it also. She did these things right up to the second weekend away. I actually fucked her just before he picked her up on the Friday evening as I had finished work early. When Lance arrived we all joked about him having seconds. It just changed when they came home. That was and still is the shock to me. I never saw or got a hint of it coming.

What I can’t understand is that I believe since I left they have only been a couple. Friends who see her regularly tell me this. It was her that really blossomed and developed sexually. He must have gained some sort of control over her. Something I never saw coming. It’s been 18months so maybe she will get restless. I think maybe she may wander. But then again I thought I knew her but obviously not well enough to see it coming.

She will not look me in the eye when I pick up or drop the children home. This could be seen as she has no respect for me or that she is sorry for what happened. I don’t know.

Please don’t feel sorry for me as I was the fool. I still love her. Just be careful yourselves.