Written by caringlynn

6 Apr 2009

my name is lynn, i am 36 i am blonde and look after myself with visits to the gym to keep me toned and i have a spray tan at least once a month. i am married and i work in a home for the elderly. most of the clients there are well over 70 and some which i care for are still quite nimble and a few are still quite frisky. one of them wilf is a randy old sod , he is 78 but when i bath him he sometimes gets an hardon and believe me it is quite big, a good 8" and thick.

one day we got to take them out for a day so i decided to take wilf out in my car .we normally wear a uniform of white top and trousers but this day we wore our own clothes and because it was a hot day i wore a skirt that buttoned up the front ,a blouse and shoes with a heel.

when we got to the seaside we sat on the beach and i undid some of the buttons on my skirt to top my tan up then wilf said shall we go to the countryside to have a picnic ,so we went to the shops got some sandwiches and drinks and off we went.

as we were driving my skirt opened showing more and more of my legs until my panties were showing, all of a sudden wilf put his hand on my thigh and said lets pull over somewhere quiet to eat. so i pulled over and we went for a walk and found some where secluded.we had our food and wilf said he was going for a walk ,so i lay back and relaxed. i must have nodded off because next thing i was woken up by some one touching me ,i opened my eyes and was shocked that wilf had his trousers open and his hard cock in his hand with the other between my legs, my skirt was open to the waist.

i said no we cant ,but as he fingered me i got more aroused.he pulled my panties off and knelt between my legs and i said to him that no one could hear about this. he lay on me and i took his cock ,positioned him at my pussy and he pushed into me , i felt him stretch me as he entered and i opened my top and removed my bra so i was nearly naked under him . he started having sex with me slowly putting his full length in and out and as he got faster i knew i was going to orgasm and god i did he must have fucked me for over 10 mins and i had one long orgasm then he came in me, he came that much he pulled out as he was cumming and sprayed over my stomach and in my mouth.

as he lay back on the grass i cleaned the come off my stomach then cleaned his cock with my mouth.

we sat and talked for 10 mins then got dressed and set off home , i told him it was good and that if we get the chance i will let him have me in his bed