Written by lynne

10 Jan 2012

my name is lynne i am blonde aged 29 and i work as a carer , visiting the elderly in their homes , one of them jim is a dirty old sod , he is a big man aged 84 and when i say big i mean all over, .i had to go to his house on boxing day , when i got there i cleaned up a bit ,while jim was in the bath , he called for me ,so i went to the bathroom, he was sat in the bath rubbing his big cock as usual, i said what do you want ,and he said here i want you , and as i got closer he splashed me ,soaking my trousers, i said jim stop messing i will have to dry them now, my trousers are part of my uniform with a tunic, anyway i went into the kitchen took them off and put them in the dryer, i was now stood there in a short tunic and just my small panties ,i didnt wear a bra.

i was stood at the worktop when jim crept up behind me , he surprised me by licking the back of my legs , i spun round and he was crouched naked in front of me , i said jim what are you doing , and he carried on kissing and touching my thighs, then i cant believe i did it, i was getting aroused , i lay back against the worktop ,pulled my panties to one side showing him my shaved pussy, he was soon licking me and when i looked he had a massive hard on, i had an orgasm , then said come on follow me,.

we went to his bedroom , i got him to lay on the bed , his cock pointing to the ceiling, then i took off my tunic and panties , i got on the bed and started playing with his cock, licking and sucking it ,it was a good 9 inches and thick. he touched me then i lay down ,he got on top and we fucked and i mean fucked ,he just went for it like an animal he fucked me hard for ages ,grunting and making noises ,i came a few times , then his breathing got harder and i could tell he was going to come, he clenched up and pumped what felt like a gallon of come in me ,jerking with each spurt , i could feel each hot spurt in me , then he collapsed on me, we were both covered in sweat.

we lay there for a good 10 mins, i said i should not have done that jim i am married i hope i am not pregnant , but even then he started touching me again , and for about an hour and half i let him use me , i even let him put his fingers and cock in my bum.

about 6pm i got a bath ,dressed and went home , i said to him it cant happen again jim you are way too old and i am married . i left but i know i will have to be carefull when i call again, i know i said i cant do it again but i will have to see ,after all it was good and bad at the same time