Written by Carole

9 Mar 2012

My name is Carole, 44 and married to Jeff for over 20 years. Our two children are both in University now, and so we are on our own for the first time in a long time.

I am a little taller than average, quietly good looking, straight brown hair cut short, and the usual figure for a woman of my age who has had children – a little chubbier than I would like, but still look good in a bikini, 36B bust and rounded hips, but my long legs help me show an attractive figure - or so I like to tell myself.

I am a shy and private person, I enjoy my own company, not out-going at all. Hence our sex life has always been conservative, once or twice a week, nothing adventurous; and I have – until now – been content with that.

When we married, Jeff was the only man I had ever slept with, but recently I have begun to feel I have been missing something, and Jeff is busy with his demanding job, and so has seemed to lose interest in me for sex. Twice a week has become once a week if I am lucky, and sometimes less often. Our love-making now seems routine and un-exciting, and I no longer climax for Jeff.

I have a part-time job two days a week in town a few miles away, but we live in a rural setting, our house is set in large private gardens, and so we do not have neighbours as such.

Last summer, Jeff had to go away for work for two weeks, and on days when I was not working, I enjoyed sun-bathing in the garden, and when it was really warm, relaxing in the small hot tub we bought.

Just three days after Jeff had left on his business trip, the hot tub broke down, which I was really annoyed about. Our summers are short enough, and not to be able to use the tub was a waste; so I phoned the supplier and reported the problem. I was told an engineer would call the following day.

The next day it was hot, the sun beating down and no wind, so I took the opportunity to sun-bathe. I am fair skinned and have to be careful to avoid sunburn, so I always make sure I am well protected with suncream. Lunchtime came and went without any sign of the engineer, and after a couple of hours in the sun, I was hot, and not being able to use the tub, I decided to have a shower.

I set the water to tepid warm, and stood letting the water gradually take the heat from my body, slowing soaping my skin to cleanse the sun-cream. My mind drifted to the film I had watched the night before, a period romance, but with some graphic love scenes, and before I knew it, I was rubbing my clit and lost in the pleasure of masturbation.

My pleasure was interrupted by the door bell. Realising it was the hot tub engineer, I quickly turned off the shower, and grabbed my dressing gown, shouting “Coming, just a minute.” I was concerned that he would think no-one was home, and without drying off, I rushed to the front door and opened it.

There stood a man of about fifty, smart uniform, nice looking and fit. He smiled and explained he had come to mend the tub.

“Please come in, and excuse my state, just come out of the shower.”

“Where is the tub?” he asked. “It’s out the back, follow me.” I led the way through the house into the rear garden, conscious of his eyes on me, in my short summer dressing gown.

I explained that the water was not heating, and he put down his tool bag and began to test out the tub. I left him to it, and went back in to dry off and dress. As I slipped off my gown, now wet through, I was still aroused from my disturbed playing with my clit, and as I stood naked in the bathroom, towelling dry, I rubbed myself again, eyes closed, my juices flowing.

“Where’s the fuse box?” I jumped, and opened my eyes to see the engineer in the doorway, smiling at me. I covered up with my towel as best I could, and managed to utter “It’s in the garage. I’ll have to unlock it and show you.”

I wrapped myself in the towel, and padded past him to the garage, my mind racing, as to how long he had been watching, what he had seen, and what he must think of me.

I unlocked the garage and showed him the fuse-box.

“Thanks. I will have to turn off the power for some of the circuits while I fix the tub, but you can still have power in the kitchen, if you want to boil the kettle.”

I took this as a hint that he wanted a drink, so I asked “Tea or coffee?”.

“Oh, tea, please. By the way, my name’s Mark.”

“OK Mark, tea coming right up. I am Carole.”

I went off to the kitchen and put on the kettle, still in my towel. Well, I couldn’t see the point of getting dressed, as he had obviously seen me naked.

A few minutes later, I took a tray out with tea and biscuits.

Mark was lying on the floor, alongside the tub, busy replacing something inside a panel near the floor. I noticed he had taken off his jacket, and looked at his torso nicely filling a tight tee shirt.

He looked up at me, and I realised he could see up my legs to my pussy, under my short towel. He grinned, “Very nice Carole.” He was teasing me, making it obvious he was talking about my muff, rather than the tea.

While we had only exchanged a few words, I had taken to this man, with a kind face, and fit body, and so I decided to play along, and remained standing over him while he gazed at my body.

“This should only take about twenty minutes, and then you can test the tub.” He resumed his work, knowing I was still standing there.

I found myself saying “That would be good, it’s so hot and sticky, I really need a nice soak”. Mark looked over at me again and smiled.

I left him to it, and went back in the house, I sat on my bed, letting the towel drop and my fingers found their way back to my bud. I was now thinking of Mark as I drew my fingers across my clit, and into my slit. I was so wet, I lifted my fingers and licked my juices, making me even more aroused.

I lay on my bed, my mind in a trance as I stroked myself.

“All, fixed.” Mark was at the bedroom door watching me. “I’ve turned the tub back on and it’s almost ready for you.”

I lay there, naked before him, our eyes locked – I made no attempt to cover up, but said “Are you going to join me?”

“Carole, I would love to!” With that, he pulled his tee shirt up over his head, dropping it on my bed. I watched transfixed as he kicked off his shoes, undid his belt and lowered his trousers and pants. My gaze was now firmly on his cock, revealed to me, it was at half mast, but thick, and circumsized, the bell shining in the light. By the time he was naked, his cock was almost fully erect, and I could now see it was impressive in size, over eight inches long and as thick as my wrist.

Without a word, he reached out and took my hand, leading me out to the hot tub.

“You get in first.” He ordered. He followed and we sat in the warm water, our bodies touching shoulder to shoulder. His hand went to my pussy, and I felt his touch – it was electric. I grasped his cock encircling it in my hand, it felt huge and much bigger than Jeff’s, and I sensed it throbbing in my fingers.

In no time, we were embracing, his tongue in my mouth. I lay back and he mounted me in the water, I felt his cock prodding at my hole, then he was inside me, first just a couple of inches, then with a thrust he had filled me with his meat.

I rode him, completely surrendering to him. He fucked me at first slowly then faster, as I gasped at his power and size.

Mark’s thrusts now became urgent, and I sensed he was going to cum, I gloried in my abandon, as he spurted inside me, how lovely to feel this cum in me.

If you like, I can continue my story…………..