Written by Carole

14 Mar 2012

So Wednesday had finally arrived, when Mark (the Jacuzzi repair man) was scheduled to call on me again.

It was another warm day, with lots of sunshine and a little cloud.

I had a long shower, and shaved those hairs closest to my vulva lips, but managed to resist making myself cum, I wanted to save this for when Mark was inside me.

I worried over what to wear for Mark – last time I had spent most of the time naked for him, but I didn’t want to appear a tart, so eventually decided on a tee shirt (no bra) and a yellow “rara” skirt usually only worn on holiday in the Algarve, with no knickers, as the freedom of feeling the air around my slit made me feel horny.

I turned on the hot tub, expecting to enjoy soaking in this with Mark as we had done the previous week.

My phone beeped – it was a text from Mark “WILL BE WITH YOU AROUND 11:30.” I quickly replied “OK. X”.

I pottered around our large private garden (we have no neighbours, being quite rural), doing small jobs, and at 11 o’clock decided to have a glass of wine to relax me (I was both nervous and excited).

I heard Mark’s van in the drive, and opened the front door to welcome him.

“Wow, Carole, you look great.” He smiled and gave me a hug, his hands immediately caressing my bum. I led him inside and asked if he would like a drink. “Tea for me please, as I am driving.”

Mark followed me into the kitchen – where he had fucked me from behind as I bent over the sink. As I put on the kettle and made tea, he removed his jacket, then his shirt, and slipped off his shoes. The tea made and brewing, I stopped him as he undid his belt. “Let me do that for you.”

I knelt before him and unzipped his flies. Looking up at him, I reached in and felt his cock hardening in my hand, as I released it. His big bell end stared at me, I pushed his trousers and pants down and fed his cock between my lips, licking and sucking his swelling member. Mark’s hands were now drawing my head closer, urging me to take more of his meat in my mouth. I tried, but he was so thick, I could only manage about four inches. Nevertheless, I was enjoying this treat, and so was he. I have not had much experience at sucking cock, I have done this for my husband Jeff on occasions, but Jeff always moves on quickly to his preferred missionary fucking, so I relished the chance to “make a meal” of this bumper helping.

My ministrations had brought Mark’s cock to full erection, and I licked up and down his shaft, marvelling at the size of him. I felt Mark move slightly, and when I looked up he had poured his tea and was standing in front of me sipping while I ate him.

With my free hand, I fingered my slit, my juices flowing over my hand – I was very wet and open.

He finished his tea while I tried again to take as much of him in my mouth as I could. Then Mark’s hands were pulling me up, he gently laid me on the kitchen table, moving the tea tray out of the way, he kicked off his pants and crouched down, his head between my legs as he lifted my skirt around my waist.

I felt his tongue on me, exploring my slit, licking at my lips and prodding into my pussy. I pulled my legs up – holding them to give me better access to me.

This was heaven, and I relaxed and let myself go for him, he was giving me pleasure as I had never been given, and ripples of ecstasy made me jerk.

Mark suddenly stood up wanting to penetrate me, to fuck me on the table, but it was too high for him to comfortably enter me. “Let’s go to bed.” He said, and lifted me in his arms, carrying me through to the bedroom.

I was dropped on the bed, and wriggled out of my skirt and pulled my tee short up over my head, while he lay there – his cock waiting for me.

I straddled him, using my hand to hold his member as I slowly lowered myself on to him.

Mark now took charge, I lay on him, our mouths finding each other, tongues engaged. He held me and began to fuck me, letting me know with his grasp the rhythm he wanted me to ride him.

We fucked, our coupling intense, my climax arrived and I tightened my pussy around his meat.

The phone rang, breaking the spell. I wondered whether to answer it, but Mark relaxed his grip – indicating he thought I should.

I climbed off Mark to reach the phone at the bedside. “Hello.” It was Jeff. “My conference is finishing early, and I am hoping to get a flight tomorrow, so I will be home a day early.” “OK.” Was all I could manage in reply.

Jeff continued to tell me about his revised arrangements, but Mark had moved behind me, and I felt his cock nudging at my wet hole, then he was inside me again, and fucking me in regular slow movements, while I chatted to my husband.

“Well, I must go sweetheart.” Said Jeff “Are you managing to keep yourself occupied?” I couldn’t help but laugh. “Yes thanks, I am fine. See you tomorrow. Bye.” I put the phone down.

Mark was obviously excited by this bizarre scenario, and before long he gave me his cum, filling my cunt with his manjuice.

We lay there giggling at what had just happened.

“Let’s go for a soak in the tub.” I proposed.

“All right, but I can’t stop long, I have another call to make.”

We sat in the tub, me stroking his now relaxed cock, and Mark playing with my nipples and kneeding my breasts.

“Carole, I am afraid I am not going to be able to visit you soon, not because I don’t want to, but I am moving away.”

“Oh.” I was shocked, while I had not thought beyond today’s visit, I had supposed that this would be a regular if not frequent pleasure for me.

“When are you moving?”

“In two weeks, I am transferring to a London branch, it is a promotion for me, and it’s all settled.

I didn’t even know if he was married, we hadn’t exactly spent our time together chatting.

“Are you married?” I asked, not quite knowing why.

“Yes, and we have a daughter and a grandson – we are all moving to London.”

I couldn’t think what to say, so we were quiet for a long minute or so, then Mark said “I am so sorry, if you are disappointed. I have really enjoyed being with you. There is something you might want to think about though.”

“What’s that.” I was at a loss to think what he meant.

“Well, it’s just an idea, and please don’t be offended, but I am only thinking what might be good for you.” I looked at Mark, puzzled.

“My cousin, Chris, lives locally. He works for a small company doing tree surgery, and garden work. He’s a nice lad – well, he is nearly ten years younger than me, so I always think of him as a lad, but he’s 41 so he’s not a lad in that sense.”

“Are you suggesting that your cousin comes to fuck me instead?” As I said it, I realised that this sounded harsh, and ungrateful.

“Look, it is only a suggestion, and please don’t feel hurt. But I think you have a need for some extra’s, and Chris might be the person to help.”

“How do you know Chris would be interested?”

Mark was now blushing “Well, Chris and I have sometimes given pleasure to a lady before, you know – a threesome.”

I didn’t respond. I was struggling to come to terms with this.

“Think about it, and if you would like to meet Chris, then you can text me, but it needs to be next week, if you would like me to arrange anything.”

More to come…..