Written by Carole

19 Mar 2012

Mark – the Jacuzzi repair man who had fucked me, until then a faithful married woman of 44 who had only ever enjoyed her husband’s cock, had now told me on his second visit that he was moving away and would not be able to visit and pleasure me.

Mark had suggested that I might like his cousin Chris to fuck me instead.

I was upset and annoyed – upset because I liked Mark and had enjoyed the freedom of being naked with him and the physical act of intercourse which I had never enjoyed so much before, and annoyed because he seemed to think I was such a slut as to fuck any man who might be available.

We were relaxing in the hot tub when Mark has raised this possibility, me playing with his now soft cock, and he cupping my breasts and teasing my nipples.

After the initial shock of what he proposed, I was quiet and thinking about what I would do. Eventually, and perhaps because my juices were still flowing, I decided to explore this, and said “I might be prepared to meet your cousin Chris, but you will have to be here, and it is only to meet Chris – not to fuck, OK?”

“Of course Carole, it is entirely up to you.”

Mark had another repair appointment, and so he stepped out of the tub and dried himself, then quickly dressed.

I stood at the front door, still dripping and naked, and we said good bye. “I will text you to let you know when I can come and bring Chris with me to introduce you.” With that, he was gone, leaving me to ponder.

The next day my husband Jeff arrived home from his business conference, tired but happy to be home. He did not appear interested in sex, since he was tired, so we went to bed after dinner and he was soon snoring away beside me.

Friday was a work day for me, and a very busy day as well, and although I had been thinking things over at night, I was surprised when I had a text from Mark saying “CHRIS IS VERY KEEN AND I CAN BRING HIM TO MEET YOU ON MONDAY. OK?”

I had sent “OK.” Before I really thought what this might mean.

The weekend dragged, I could not settle to anything, and Jeff sensed my unease. “Is there something bothering you at work?” he asked. I told him no, just the usual queue of jobs which meant I was very busy.

Monday arrived, rain in the air, but still pleasantly warm by mid morning. I had forgotten to ask Mark what time he would bring Chris, and so texted him to ask. “BE THERE IN 30 MINUTES.” He replied.

I panicked a little, what should I wear? I ended up choosing a loose summer dress with generous cleavage, and wore a quarter cup bra to boost my breasts a little. It was warm enough for me to forego wearing knickers, I had enjoyed being “commando” for the past week or so.

I gulped down a large glass of wine, and before I could finish it I heard Mark’s van coming up the long drive.

I opened the front door, butterflies in my tummy and wetness between my legs, I saw the van park, and Mark get out. It was drizzling with rain, and as Mark approached I could make out another man (Chris I presumed) sitting in the passenger seat talking on a mobile phone.

“Hello Carole.” He gave me a peck on the cheek and put his arm around me. “Chris’s boss just phoned, so he will be a while yet, let’s go in.” Mark stood at the door waiting for me to lead the way. “I’ll close the door. Chris can ring the bell once he has finished with his call.”

I walked through into the lounge, Mark sat on the sofa, and I sat down beside him. “You look very nice.” His hands went to my boobs, and he kissed me, our tongues tasting each other. My hand dropped to his lap, feeling his manhood already hard pressing against his trousers. Quickly Mark released his cock, and I wrapped my hand around his shaft, gently pulling on him.

“How about a quick blow job while we wait?” he asked, and pulled me to him so that I had to kneel in front of him to get my mouth properly around his helmet and down his thick member. It was warm and firm in my mouth, and I licked my tongue around the head feeling his reaction to my touch.

Mark was obviously sexually excited and pushed down the front of my dress, exposing my tits, which he massaged as I sucked him. Then Mark reached forward and put his hands on my bum, his fingers stretching to draw along my crack. He pulled the hem of my dress up and I felt his hands warm on my bum cheeks.

He wanted to feel my pussy, and put one arm under me to reach for my open lips, wet with my juices. His fingers explored my slit, slurping with my wetness.

I was now kneeling, my head down in his lap, sucking on his manhood, my bum arched in the air was he frigged me with his juiced fingers. While most of me was fully occupied, I was also listening out for Chris to ring the front door bell.

Mark now moved his hand from my breast, and used it to push my head deeper on to his cock. “That’s it, Carole try to take it all.” He urged.

I could feel his fingers rubbing along my slit, pushing into me. One finger pushed harder and reached into me. My pussy opened for him, wanting more. The finger inched deeper, it seemed so thick, how could a finger be so deep in me and so big?

Suddenly I felt a thrust and I gagged. “Hello Carole.” A voice behind me, it was a long cock inside me touching my G-spot, I shuddered. Mark had obviously not closed the front door, and Chris had entered the house AND ME without me knowing it.

My head was clamped around Mark’s engorged penis, while Chris was now energetically fucking me from behind. “Nice to meet you.” Chris croaked, his hands held my arse tight as he gave me his cock.

“Nish to meed you.” I managed, my mouth full of Mark.

I was gone, I was lost in the moment, two cocks pleasuring me, two men fucking me. We fucked in silence for some minutes.

I released my mouth from Mark. “Let’s go to the bedroom, it will be more comfortable.” I led the way, seeing Chris for the first time. He was tall and very slim, but my eyes went to his cock – it was long, not as thick was Mark’s, but longer, much longer.

I stepped out of my now crumpled dress, lost the bra and laid naked on the bed, my legs wide, my fingers rubbing my slit, as I waited for them to strip off and join me.

Mark lay beside me and without speaking reached across pulling me on to him, not face to face, but sitting on his cock facing Chris at the end of the bed. Chris was pulling on his meat, both hands wrapped around his shaft, he was at least 10 inches long, maybe more.

I sat back on Mark, pushing his cock right into me, and Chris climbed on to the bed, and on to me. Before I could do anything, Chris pushed his long pole up my soaking slit already opened by Mark’s thick meat, I felt full, overfull, stretched by these two men fucking me together. They began to fuck me in slow movements, my cunt opening wider for them as it became used to this generous helping of manmeat. Between them they managed to find a good rhythm, one cock withdrawing as the other pushed in further, then occasionally they both pushed in together. I cried out, I couldn’t stop myself. “Fuck me, fuck me hard!”.

More to come……