Written by A

25 Jun 2011

I had been seeing Carolyn for 2 months and she was recently divorced at the age of 26 and she never did quite say much about it.

We met in a bar when she asked me to give her a lift home which I did, and she was 7 years older than me, as I was a 19 year old pup.

Getting her home she made it clear she was not a slag and would not put up first night, so disappointed I left with a kiss and headed home.

Second date I arranged to meet her and took her out locally where she was dressed in a short polka dot skirt, boots and as I found out later, navy hold ups.

We had to go to a friends to get some stuff, and it was there she told me this was her ex boyfriends mums and she showed me the bed they used to fuck in. Feeling quite insecure I didn't know what to say when she told me she had some great times in here.

Carolyn was slim, 5ft 6 and had a cute fanny with a tuft of light hair around it.

When I met her again she asked me if I wanted her to keep her hold ups on whilst we fucked, a big turn on for me.

I knew she was quite sexual but happened next took me by total surprise ! She said she had been filling up with petrol when an older black guy was giving her the eye when filling his car. He shouted over to her that she was sexy and did she like a bit of black. She said she had never had black but it was a fantasy, and she said he would not know what to do.

She filled up and he was waiting in his car for her, and as she set off for the short 1/2 mile home, he followed her. As she pulled up and got out, he wound his window down and asked if she was inviting him in for coffee.

She said why not, and with that the 45 year old black guy got out and followed her in..

Carolyn always wore hold ups, and today was no different and after some gentle flirting, Errol started to question her experience and desire for blacks.

She only told me much later that Errol managed to turn her on and take her to bed and he fucked her so hard, and managed to get her to try anal for the first time, something she never wanted to do with me.

Several weeks later I had to work away in Essex, and after being away all week I managed to get home early on the Friday night and thought I would surprise Carolyn. I got to hers for 8pm and let myself in but no sign of her, and she had obviously gone out with the girls as I could smell her perfume in the bedroom where she had got ready.

I sat down and watched a film and stayed awake until about midnight before heading upstairs to bed. Due to the shite parking arrangement at hers I had parked my car rounf the back so she would not have seen it when coming home.

Bearing in mind she thought I was away I did not know when to expect her home, but imagine my surprise when I heard the door go about 2am and heard the sound of blokes voices.

I assumed she came home with a friend and there b/f's but after 5 mins I could hear only 2 guys voices and Carolyns.

Intrigued I craned my neck at the door listening downstairs and I heard one of the guys flirting big time and asking how many black cocks Carolyn had taken. She clearly said 6 which I was shocked and annoyed at.

I heard her mention Errol and realised it was the guy she had met at the petrol station, and he was here with his friend LeRoy.

After about 5 minutes it was silent downstairs but for the odd muffle, and soon I realised that they were playing with Carolyn. She started to let wimpers out as they played with her and took her clothes off, and soon enough I heard her usual pangs of pleasure as she heavy breathed as Errol started to fuck her.

To cut a long story short she fucked both guys and after about 3 hours they left her with a pussy full of black sperm, and she came to bed.

When she saw me she was horrified as she knew I heard everything.

I told her I loved what I heard and would like her to get fucked by other guys again.

6 weeks later she announced she was pregnant and I had doubts over who the father was, so we did split eventually with her refusing to take a paternity test. My suspicions were confirmed when I heard she had a little boy some months later and it was a half cast kid, but I am not sure to this day whether she knows who is the father. Errol or LeRoy have fathered a kid, although to be fair they are old enough to the boys grandad.Carolyn was a great girl, but once she went black she never came back.

Great pussy, and hold ups though !!!