Written by Palegypsy

11 Apr 2010

I got some comments from my last story, so I am submitting my latest. This is my third chapter in my endeavours to get my girlfriend Carrie into a swinging lifestyle. It has been a slow process. My first, “Carries night out”, where she spent a night with a stranger, was over a year ago,. My second, “Carries pub adventure”, where she took a stranger outside the pub for a shag, was three weeks ago. Well things have moved on a pace, and I’m writing this with a raging had-on, as last night’s events are still fresh in my mind, and she is beside me as I’m writing this. Carrie had sex with Paul the week after her park fuck. In fact I had driven her there and picked her up afterwards.

Yesterday we went out for a late afternoon drink in our quiet local. General chit-chat, then the conversation got round to her forthcoming Turkey holiday. Two or three drinks and the conversation turned to sex, what she would do on holiday. She wanted me to listen on the phone. (Revenge for the fact she accidentally heard me screwing someone over the phone once). We got talking about our last night out, then told me she had been to Paul’s on Wednesday., casually, as if she was mentioning a trip to the hairdressers. I was shocked at her casualness, and quite angry. I told her we were supposed to be sharing these things. She was quite dismissive, telling me that I was late home on Wednesday, and she just hadn’t got round to telling me. I was quite angry. The whole point was to share lots of experiences, but so far all I got was second hand tales. I told her she should at least have text me to let me know. She put her hand on my crotch and got all affectionate, saying I would get involvement soon enough. No point in staying angry, I asked her how it had gone. She told me it was great. Paul’s flatmate Graeme had been there. She felt embarrassed, as he obviously knew why she was there. Graeme had been flirting with her while Paul was in the bathroom. She really fancied him. She thought he might leave, but Paul had led her through to the bedroom. Once in the room, they got straight down to it, just a straightforward missionary position fuck. Carrie said the fact that she knew Graeme would be listening had made her feel really wanton, and made her noisier than normal, and gave her a strong orgasm. Afterwards, Paul had asked if she wanted Graeme to join them. She had been very tempted, but declined, but she told me she wants Graeme inside her. I suggested she invite Paul and Graeme to our place for a foursome. She said she might. She said she definitely wants a threesome before she goes on holiday. I was amazed, and so turned on. She was changing out of all recognition.

It took years to get Carrie to talk about sex, but eventually it came out she was quite wild before she settled down and married, and she cheated a few times during her marriage. She is not outwardly sexy. She has large 36EE breasts, but keeps them fairly well hidden. I have never seen her display a cleavage. She dresses fairly conservatively. Mild rock chick is the best description. Seldom wears high heels, although yesterday, she had low heeled knee length boots, and an over the knee denim skirt, loose blouse, and a leather jacket. She is petite, at just over 5 foot, with shortish reddish hair, a cute elfin like face. Pretty, but does not look like the wanton woman she once was, and is becoming again.

She suggested we go to the same pub we were at when she picked up Paul. It’s a large town centre pub, usually busy. It was around seven when we got there, and it was filling up nicely. Carrie was getting merrily tipsy, and we were both people watching. Carrie said she would go get more drinks. When she said that, I knew she must have her eye on someone. I watched her take a detoured route to the bar, and spotted a guy standing on his own smile at her. She could be a real minx when she wanted. She bought the drinks, and she exchanged a few words with the guy on the way back. We drank our drinks, and I noticed regular eye contact between her and the guy. She went to the toilet, and exchanged a longer conversation with him this time. “Another new friend” I asked, when she eventually returned. She was giggly. She told me she thought he was cute. She snuggled up to me and made big eyes at me, asking if it would be ok if she nipped outside with him. I told her yes, but only if I could watch this time. “What? Are you going to follow us”? she asked. “Not quite” I told her. I said we could have a pretend argument, I would storm off and she could pull him. She said he might not want to do it outside. I said she wasn’t going home with him. Either I watched this time, or it was off, it was up to her. I was risking starting a genuine argument with her, she has quite a short fuse, but she said, “let’s give it a go”. We started to have a pretend argument, and I got up, making gestures, and walked out the pub.

I crossed the road to the park entrance and stood behind the pillar, watching. 15 minutes passed. No sign. It was dusk, and I hoped they’d hurry up, or I would hardly see anything. I smoked a cigarette. A couple of guys passed me entering the park. It was a known gay haunt. I hoped no peeping Tom’s would spoil things.

Another ten minutes passed. Suddenly I got a text saying “ coming soon x” I saw them come out the pub. They stood outside smoking. Then I saw them kissing. . They started to cross the road. I went and got into position behind some trees where I could see the bench Paul had fucked her on. I was only ten yards away.I was nervous and very excited. I could not believe I was about to see my girlfriend get shafted by another man. I heard their low voices. They sat on the bench and started snogging. It was near dark now, and I could see little of detail, but could hear the heavy breathing. I could make out his hands were under her blouse, then I saw her legs part as his hand went up her skirt. I got my cock out and started stroking it. I was so turned on I was ready to explode, even though I couldn’t see much. Suddenly Carrie got on her knees and released his cock. I couldn’t see it, but I watched her head bob up and down. I was watching my girl sucking another man’s cock. She carried on sucking, which was unusual. Carrie didn’t give long blowjobs. It was so horny. I knew I was going to cum soon. Suddenly I heard the guy groan. He was cumming., and Carrie didn’t raise her head, she was swallowing his load. This was too much. I shot my load over the ground. Carrie had only let me cum in her mouth once in ten years, and had only swallowed three times in her life, yet here she was taking a load from a guy she only met half an hour ago. She sat up on the bench. Was that it? I had hoped for more. They smoked a cigarette. I wanted one too but couldn’t. I heard their voices but couldn’t make out their conversation. After a bit, they started kissing again. Maybe it wasn’t over. The guy got to his knees and fumbled under her skirt. It looked like he was removing her panties. He spread her legs and was obviously licking her pussy. I heard Carrie moan softly. I grew hard again. Soon she started to orgasm, her moans quite loud. When Carrie cums, that is usually it for her, but the guy got up and sat on the bench, then she got on her knees over him, and lowered herself on to his cock. I couldn’t see, but I could tell from her gasp the exact moment he entered her. The feeling was incredible. She started bouncing up and down on his cock, they were both gasping. She was close to cumming again, and seemed to be looking right at me. She rode his cock for about five minutes, then he laid her down on the bench, and got on top of her. I could see the paleness of her exposed legs over his shoulders. She cried out as he entered her again, riding her furiously. I was watching my girlfriend getting fucked by a stranger, and loving it. Her orgasm started, and I could tell by her cries it was a big one. She would be attracting attention. He started to cum too, filling my girlfriends cunt with his sperm. It took them a while to come down. They talked for a bit, then kissed again, and the guy got up and left. I saw Carrie light a cigarette, and I lit one too. I smoked for a bit, then walked towards her, my cock still out. I stood in front of her , not saying a word. I put my cigarette out, then knelt down and parted her legs. I gently licked her clit, then let my tongue dip into her wet cunt, tasting another man’s juices. “oh baby” she cried out. I laid her out on the bench, just the way he had, and put her legs over my shoulders and slid into her. I fucked her hard until we both explode.

Neither of us spoke. We got ourselves together and walked arm in arm out of the park. We walked almost all the way home without speaking. About 5 minutes from home Carrie asked. “Am I a cheap slut”? I told her she wasn’t . I told her we were sharing something special. I asked her about the guy cumming in her mouth. She said it just happened and she was so horny she just went with the flow. She told me she was looking where she knew I was and it turned her on so much, knowing she had a cock inside her, and knowing I would be wanking. We got in and went to bed, and made love long and slow. The same happened in the morning. It has ignited our sex life and we are both looking forward to more