Written by Al

3 Feb 2014

Mo did carry on with after her first adventure of sex in the back of the van.

Though this carried on in the comfort of our house, during the day Bern might have been in the area so called in, I remember I phoned home one dinner time and Mo sounded out of breath, it was only when I got home Mo told me she was having it while talking to me on the phone, she was sat straddling him on the chair, these encounters always led to great sex, Mo getting truly wet & fulfilled having to cock's in a day, who said it was only fantasy and would not happen.

Another memorable time was I had gone to a committee meeting and Mo arranged for him to come round to have her wicked way, well the meeting finished early I noticed his van was there I crept in and they was upstairs in the bedroom, I peered in through the door Mo riding him slowly on top, seeing his penis sliding in & out of my Wife's vagina was to much.

I stripped off on the landing went in and said can ant body join in, don't know who was the most shocked but I knew another of Mo's fantasies was to have to cock's at the same time, so no objections from her, I laid on the bed Mo got of Bern and unusual for Mo she gave me oral sex, in the mean time Bern had gone behind a Mo and was starting to fuck her doggy style the sight of my wife being pleasured this way is always there, after wee had all come, got our breath back Bern left, once again nice to taste the now usual sloppy second from my Wife's excitement.

we have had lots of sex remembering those old times especially when we do it doggy style I never last long, thinking of the time we both pleasured her.

We are of to Harrogate soon, found out on my ebay account what Mo had been looking at, some really fetish item, when I mentioned had she ordered ant she said no, though got excited and played with herself thinking what games she can play while away, well the item are ordered, so wait in anticipation on what she has planned in Harrogate.

will keep you updated if your interested.