Written by Jemma_and_dick

24 Feb 2010

Jemma and I (Dick) had planned to go out for a meal, we don't do it enough and were really looking forward to it for weeks.

I ask Jemma what she was going to wear (knowing full well she would not decide until about one hour before we went out), Jemma asked me what would I like to wear, I replied anything really sexy if possible something with stocking!, Jemma stated she didn't want to be uncomfortable all night as we were going to the casino in the after the meal.

I thought she would put one of her short dresses on with tights, how wrong I was, when Jemma came down stairs she had a knee length dress on with a low cut showing off her fantastic 34E boobs, I got a hard on just seeing her boobs, then I found out she was wearing hold ups and no knickers, I would of been happy to stay in and fuck her right then.

This was going to be a good night, we had the meal with a lot of sexy talk which was really getting me going knowing Jemma was sat oposite with no knickers and hold ups on.

We went onto the casino and decided to sit and have a drink and take in the suroundings before we sat at the roulette table, again the talk started to be about sex a going to a swinging club (which we haven't yet done) and what we would do, Jemma described how she would like to try kissing another woman and then go further kissing her boobs and then finally lick her fanny, I thought I would explode with excitement, I have never heard her talk like that before.

After a while we thought we go and try our luck at the tables, we sat at one of those electronic tables and started to gamble, Jemma's hand went straight for my cock under the table as we were hidden from view, that was great so I returned the favor and slid my hand up her dress slowly moving up her hold ups until I touched her shaven fanny,she was dripping wet, so I slid two fingers inside her working in and out, what a turn on poeple were walking past and playing on the table but had no idea what we were doing.

after working her fanny for about five minutes I worked on her clit, Jemma was biting her lip try to stop her cries of sheer pleasure, I had to stop for a while as I was worried poeple would realise what we were doing.

I carried on and brought Jemma to an amazing orgasm right there at the table.

we decided that was enough and had to go home and fuck.

once we got to the car Jemma pulled up her dress showing her lovely fanny and hold ups, once we got out of nottingham Jemma undid my jeans and gave me a blow job while I was driving.

Once I came in her mouth Jemma sat back with one leg on the dash and the other as wide as she could get it, grabbed hold of my hand and forced three fingers inside her, I bought her off three times before we got home.

at the last set of traffic lights we pulled up along side a truck the driver looked over and saw Jemma's leg up on the dash so she lifted up her bottom so he could get a better look of her shaven fanny.

the last 1 minute of driving seemed to take an age as I could not wait to get Jemma in doors and fuck her like mad, as you can imagine we had the most amazing session ever.

we are now looking for other places we can go and have fun while poeple go about there business without realising what we are upto