Written by dorsetdave

13 Nov 2008

You may remember a few weeks ago how i was lucky to have sex with a lady who was feeding her sisters cat while they were on their holidays, well had not heard from her until last night, she text me and asked if i could pop round to her house as she wanted some decorating quoted for.

Well i turned up about an hour latter, rang the door bell and feeling a little nervous, when she answered the door i was expecting her to be dressed really sexy, just like you read some of these stories posted on here, well she had on jeans, a baggy tee shirt and thick socks, so perhaps she did only want an estimate for some painting.

We sat there and had a coffee and i thought i had better brouch the subject of our session around her sisters, with that she lent across gave me a wonderfull kiss, then she stood up took he tee shirt, jeans and her tick socks off and she had the most wonderfull, bra, stockings and the small est thong i have ever seen on.

Within seconds i was down to my undies, we stood close to gether and with the back groung music we danced very sexy, i gradually got her tits out and starting to suck and tease them, we eventually laid on the big cushions on the floor, by this time her thong and my pants were off, what a surprise she had shave her pussy completely, the lips were protruding and i have never felt anyone so damp, i went down on her and while sucking and licking i had fingers in her pussy and up her arse, she in turn had my cock and was giving a blow job of the first degree, when we came up for air she turned around doggy style and said fuck my arse, i must admit this only lasted about 6 strokes and i shot my load in her, when i pulled it out and with my spunk dripping out of her she lent round and let it run on her hand, when she had enough she rubbed it all over her bum and pussy and then offered to me to lick with her, first time for everything.

We laid there for a bit and and then i started to lick her again, this time as i was licking her i fut two fingers up her arse, this got her going like a train, within a minute she was coming and at the same time she was wanking me, within about 5 seconds of her coming i shot my load over her face, again we shared the taste of my spunk.

This is not bad for a 54 year old guy and she is 37, long may it continue, and i got the painting job, but it is free of charge!!