Written by danielx3

22 Jun 2010

I had my secretary suck me off. I can post this anonymously, but otherwise I could easily get into trouble for it, because she didn't really want to do it. It was wrong of me, but it felt good in a wicked way doing it, and I kind of think she deserved it too.

She was stupid; she rang in sick and then went off to this antique fair. Buying and selling antiques is a bit of a hobby of hers and that's ok in her own time, but ringing in sick to go off and do it is very naughty.

Anyhow, I know why she did it. Her friend was behind one of the stalls selling and she had obviously got wind of the fact that television cameras were going to be there that day. I bet that excited Jean, my secretary, and so at a moments notice and without thinking, she rang in sick and hurried off to join in the fun.

It was a very silly thing to do. She was seen, of course, standing there all prim and proper behind her antique stall, smiling, her hair up in a bun and those old lady glasses on. It was very silly anyway, be cause even if she had not been seen, what did she think the television cameras were there for - surely she must have realized the risk she was taking?

Anyway, I was pretty annoyed with her. She'd put me in an awkward situation and I couldn't really ignore it. She'd committed two sackable offences; firstly, by falsely ringing in sick and, secondly, and more importantly from the company point of view, she had been pursuing her own little business in company time.

I didn't really want to fire her - I didn't really see how that would help anyone, but I also knew that I now had this advantage over her, which she had stupidly given me. She only really had herself to blame.

Jean is in her late 50s - she's one of the prim and proper type and reminds me of an old schoolteacher I had when I was at school twenty years ago. She was a strict old spinster type, with a bit of a mean streak. Jean was a bit like that; an unmarried Christian woman who kept slim, because she ate like a bird, dressed concervatively and lived with her elderly mother.

It was a bit of a turn-on for me. She couldn't really afford to lose her job, because at her age she'd probably not get another, certainly not on her current level of wage, and it was all her own stupid fault.

I had her in my office, all serious, and when I told her what I knew she realized how serious it was too. I made sure of that. I could see she was nervous, scared. She asked me what I was going to do.

"Well," I said, "as I see it, I can do pretty much what I want to, Jean."

I paused to look at her expression. She was worried.

'I don't want to fire you, Jean," I said, "but you have to realize you have put me in an awkward situation. I can't just ignore this; I need to be sure that you are genuinely sorry for this and what you have done."

"I am, Sir, I am."

I looked at her. "Ok, Jean, I'll tell you what we will do. We'll just keep this between ourselves."

"Yes, Sir, thank you, Sir."

"It's not going to be quite as easy as that, Jean. I need to be sure that you've learned your lesson. You need to show me how sorry you are."

She looked at me blankly.

"You're going to suck my cock, Jean."

She looked at me as if she hadn't heard. I don't think that she believed what I had said, although I think she might have been shocked.

She was certainly shocked by what happened next, because I undid my trousers and got my cock out in front of her. She was sitting down, her knees together, and my cock was already almost hard because of my thoughts. it hovered a few inches in front of her face, getting stiffer.

"Suck it, Jean. If you are really sorry and want to keep your job, then I think you need to show it. You put yourself in this position, Jean, and I'm just taking advantage of it. You only have yourself to blame."

To cut a long story short, in the end I had my cock in her mouth and she was sucking it good, I was holding her head with my left hand gripping the tight little bun that she liked to have her hair done up in. For good measure, I groped her left tit with my other hand - it felt much fuller than I expected; Jean really had quite a good figure for her age, not due to exercise, I think, but just not over-eating.

After some initial reluctance, she settled down to taking my cock properly into her mouth as if she was enjoying it, right up to the point when I rammed it hard into the back of her mouth and released my spunk down her throat. I felt her gagging around the head of my cock. I hadn't warned her I was going to do that.

I pulled it back out, but making sure she got another shot into her mouth so she could taste it properly.

She looked a sight, coughing and retching on the mouthful of cum I had given her. I knew she had to have swallowed some when I came in the back of her mouth.

"You filthy bastard!" She said.

I had to laugh, somehow that was the icing on the cake.

She kept her job and learned her lesson. I haven't done anything like that to her since, but I sometimes jerk off in front of her and, on occasions, over her. She doesn't like that, but it wouldn't be so much fun if she did. Sometimes I talk crudely to her, which makes her uncomfortable, but I don't push it too far - I know that I could be vulnerable if she took bad exception to it.