Written by Paul

28 Apr 2011

My name is Paul, and my wife's name is Helen. We are both early 40's and have full time jobs. Helen is a sales manager for a national company and this entails her overnighting occasionally when she has to attend meetings and the like. I on the other hand work locally and get home every night.

Helen is 5ft 4ins, long brown hair, brown eyes, size 14 with large 38f breasts. She has a lovely firm bum which i adore. She, of course, think's she's too big. I love her figure and she gets a lot of admiring glances when we are out and about.

Our story goes back over around 6 months. Things had got a bit stale, as they do in marriage. We'd been together 14 years roughly, and had had our ups and downs but always got through things.

This particular evening, Helen had returned from an overnight stay in Manchester the previous night and had gotten home around 7pm. She came into the living room where i was, gave me a kiss, and said she was off for a shower. A few minutes later, i used the toilet as she showered, and then as i left the bathroom, i scooped up her clothes she'd taken off, and carried them downstairs to put into the laundry basket. As i walked downstairs i dropped a couple of items. I turned on the stairs and picked up her blouse and her panties. As i moved the clothes around to get a better grip i noticed a wetness in my hand. On closer inspection i noticed her blue lacy panties were soaked in the gusset area. Now, Helen does get wet, but this had the unmistakable scent and texture of a mans cum. And not mine either! The mind raced, jealousy kicked in, and then i realised i was turned on. I could still hear the shower running as i took my hard cock from my trousers, wrapped Helen's cum soaked panties around my cock and wanked myself off into them.

I put the panties and her clothes into the laundry basket, and sat down and waited for her. I was going to come right out and ask her but bottled at the last minute. Helen was no different to normal. I initiated sex that evening, but Helen said she was tired and masturbated me instead. I came quickly. Quicker than normal. She just laughed when i said i was just horny.

I decided to do a bit of snooping when she returned to work on the Monday. I work shifts so have time at home in the week. I checked our email account but couldn't find anything. I checked through her drawers in our bedroom but all i found was some new underwear which is hardly incriminating.

She informed me on that Monday evening that she was away overnight on the Wednesday. She is normally only away a couple of times a month but this was about 4 weeks in a row. She got a bit defensive when i brought that up, but said work was busy, and she had to go.

On the Tuesday evening as she was packing her bag for her overnight stay the next day, i decided to check her phone which she'd left on the edge of the sofa. I went into her texts and found two messages which told me she was meeting someone. No contact name was assigned to the message, just the number was showing. It read, "What time you getting to hotel 2moz?" Helen's reply was, "Should be there by 4. Will have to have evening meal with other company bods but would love to meet b4 that, and after, if poss?"

No other messages were on the phone to or from that number. I quickly scribbled the number down, and put her phone back on sofa.

I was on day shift Wednesday so didn't see Helen leave that morning. We exchanged a few texts througout the day as we normally do. When i got home i checked her bedroom drawers again and found that the new underwear had gone. My cock got hard at the thought of her showing herself to another guy. She'd been with several guys before we got together, but when i'd pushed her on details and if she'd like another guy over the years, she'd never once gave me the reason to believe she had, or would go with anyone.

She came straight in Thursday evening, and once again went straight for a shower. Curiosity got the better of me, and i checked her small suitcase. Couple of pairs of panties including the new pair, but no cum this time that i could make out. I was beginning to think i was imagining it. I decided to call the number from Helen's text messages. It rang and rang and finally went to voicemail and directed me to leave a message. No name was on the message. Still none the wiser.

The following day, Friday, i went off to work as normal. I text Helen around 10am and asked how her day was going etc. She replied busy and said she should be home about the same time as me, if not before. My work was the opposite, so asked if i could get away early or take a half day as i had decorating to do indoors. My boss was more than happy to let me take a half day, and at 12 lunchtime, i made my way home.

As i turned into my close, i noticed Helen's car on the drive, which was strange as she hadn't said she was working from home. As she'd parked it on the front of the drive, and i wouldn't have got mine on, i backed my car out of the close, and made my way down the back lane and parked outside our garage at the rear of the house.

I went through the back gate and made my way along the side path towards the kitchen door. As i approached the kitchen, movement in the living room caught my eye. It was Helen standing up. It was then i noticed a man inside with her. The guy was around 25 years of age i'd say. And what i could make out through the blinds, slim, tall, with blonde hair. They hadn't seen me so i stood between the living room window and the kitchen window. I could make out some talking coming out through the kitchen window. Helen said, "So, do you want a coffee Mike?" At least i know had a name. Mike replied, "No ta Helen, maybe a bit later." I heard footsteps leave the kitchen and as i took a sly look into the living room they had sat next to each other on the sofa. There was a laptop open on the coffee table and i believed Mike was a work colleague. I was just about to go into the house when Mike stood up. Helen shifted on the sofa as Mike removed his suit jacket and tie. I decided to wait a bit longer. My wife, who was dressed in what i later found out was a black skirt and pink blouse, started to undo Mike's belt, as he undone the top few buttons on her blouse, exposing her 38f tits encased in a pink bra.

As Mike lent back from undoing the buttons, Helen's hand pulled Mike's zip down, went in and pulled out a thick cock that was semi hard. Helen started wanking him slowly, as she looked up at him. Both had smiles on their faces. Helen continued wanking Mike slowly, and then with one hand on Helen's head, pulled her head onto his now erect cock. Helen seemed to have trouble getting his cock in her mouth at first. It looked about 7 inches long but very thick. Twice as thick as my 5 and a half incher.

As i watched my wife sucking this younger guys cock, i realised i was rock hard. Mike was pulling Helen's head backwards and forwards on his cock, and was leaning back seemingly loving it. Mike leaned forward and lifted Helen's tits out of her bra so that they were hanging over the top. He was pulling hard on her nipples and slapping her tits lightly.

I reached down and touched my cock, and to my embarrassment, i came in my boxer shorts. Helen had pulled Mike's trousers and boxers down and was really going to town on his cock. Licking up and down his shaft, licking his balls, and taking as much in her mouth as she could. He was obviously close to cumming and pulled Helen up and started kissing her. Mike helped Helen out of her blouse and she unclasped her bra and dropped it to the floor. He leant down and took her big tits in each hand, and sucked and licked on her nipple for about 20 seconds. Mike kicked his trousers off, leaving my wife stood there in just a black skirt.

They then moved across the room and i thought they were going to disappear upstairs, but they stopped and Helen leant over a cabinet. Mike was stroking his cock as he got closer and i thought he was going to fuck my wife. He then went down on his knees, lifted Helen's skirt, pulled her panties to the side and started licking up and down her pussy lips and arse. Helen never lets me lick her bumhole, but was pushing back onto his tongue as it pushed into both her holes. After a minute or so of this, her legs buckled and it was obvious she had cum.

Mike stood up, lifted Helen back upright, unzipped her black skirt and let it fall to the floor. He moved forward and started rubbing his big thick cock up and down her arse crack. Helen reached back and grabbed Mike's cock and fed it into her cunt.

The way Helen's head fell forward it told me that his cock was feeling good inside her. She must've been soaked down there as his meat went in easy. He was taking slow movements in and out of her. He then sped up and was fucking her with long sharp deep thrusts. Helen was pushing back hard onto his cock as he then settled in to a regular rhythm. I could hear her moans and cries coming from the kitchen window, so imagined it must've been quite loud in the living room. He was fucking her longer and harder than i ever had, and i felt inadequate, but extremely turned on again.

He fucked her for a good 15 minutes at a hard fast pace, before he pushed in deep, and though i couldn't see, i gathered he'd emptied his seed into my willing wife. Mike collapsed onto her, and she turned her head and kissed him passionately. As he pulled his shrinking meat from her pussy, she pulled her panties back into place, to catch his cum i presume. Thats how they got in that state.

I stayed where i was for a minute or two and when i believed they'd gone to clean up, i made my way down the side of the garden, and back out to my car. I wanked off into my boxers again and then drove around for a few hours until it would've been my time to get home.

Helen was there when i arrived and said she'd had a busy day at work.

That was 5 and a half months ago and she is still being fucked by Mike. I haven't had the pleasure of seeing them again but have followed them to hotels when Helen has said she is working late. I get the pleasure of her cum filled panties when she gets home. I haven't said nothing as it turns me on so much. We still fuck regular but i dont make Helen cum like Mike does, and i don't last like him. In fact im cumming even quicker these days.