Written by Dirty_D

19 Feb 2007

This is a true atory that still gets me hard at the thought of it. My girlfriend, her 19 year old sister and her boyfriend all came back to our flat. We had been drinking all day so I ended up crashing out. My girlfriend followed me to bed soon after and since we only had one bedroom my girlfrinds sister, Claire and her man stayed in the living room.

I awoke at about two in the morning to her gentle groaning. I got up very carefully as not to wake the girlfrined and crept through to the hall. The living room door was open and the light was on. Claire boyfriend David was sitting on the sofa opposite the door and Claire was bouncing up and down slowly on his cock. Claire has a hot body and I'd always wanted to see it naked. I thoguht she had small tits but they were a nice shape and she had quite a hairy pussy. She was bouncing up and down on his long thich cock like her life depended on it.

They got up and I ducked out of view util I knew it was safe tlook around. When I did David had bent her over and wa giving her a fucking from behind. Claire was reaching round and playing with his big balls.

Claire came quite quickly after this and David followed suit. I crept back to the bedroom and shot my load before falling asleep.

I awoke about an hour later to hear more groaning. I crept through again ans this time Claire was on her hands and knees as she sucked David off while we grabbed her nipples. She then straddled him and he made her came again. I heard her laugh and whisper and say she'd never came six times in one night before.

I went back to bed with the image of what they got up to engraved in my memory. I had another two wanks and went to sleep.

Claire andDavid are more than welcome to stay any time they want...