Written by Teesside Guy

9 Dec 2011

Last year, out of the blue, I bumped into the girl that I lost my virginity to over 20 years ago. We were teenagers back then and mad about each other. Then her dad found out we'd had sex and that was it over. We saw each other once or twice after that, every couple of years or so and it was always quite strained. She married quite young and had kids, while I married in my mid twenties but never got round to starting a family. Which is why it took me by suprise when a few days after our meeting in a local supermarket, I had a message from her on Facebook.

We started meeting up for lunch and catching up but she took it as us getting back together and got quite attached quite quickly. I backed off and made it clear that, while we'd had some great catch-up sex, I wasn't up for anything more than just fun. We split up for a while, until I got a birthday greeting and an invite for coffee. We chatted and decided that we were both up for continuing as fuck-buddies. The arrangement works well, we meet up and enjoy a few hours of great sex when we can, the idea being that we can just be our sexual selves, not parents, or spouses, just two people fucking for the fun of it.

She was always quite shy, so when she pretty much jumped on me the first time and helped herself to my cock, I was caught a little off-guard but it's our most recent hook-ups that really blew me away. We had been texting each other all week. She had her house to herself and a day off work, so I was invited over. I had been quizzing her all week about things she'd like to try and I'd been to Ann Summers for a Rock Chick vibrator and also a slim anal plug and lube, as we'd joked about me fucking her in the arse. We started by stripping each other, lots of touching, teasing sucking, teasing. My head between her thighs until she came on my face, then she rode my cock, cumming again. Then I broke out the toys, starting with the rock chick. I told her to fuck herself with it while I watched and like a good little slut, she did exactly as she was told. She was a bit intimidated by the style of it to start, but soon got the hang of sliding it into her very wet pussy, then grinding herself against it as she flicked on the power. It was so horny to watch, she was completely lost in the feeling deep inside her. After another orgasm, she got on all fours and asked me to doggy fuck her. I stood at the side of the bed and drilled her hard from behind, then reminded her about the conversation we'd had about anal. "Go on, then - fuck my arse!" she demanded. I reached for my bag of tricks and pulled out the anal plug and lube, slathering the toy and the entrance to her arse in sweet, fruity smelling goo, then slowly and carefully sliding the toy in to the hilt, all the while, my cock still balls deep in her pussy. Once she was comfortable with the toy, I withdrew it, applied more lube to my cock and slowly pushed into her. Once the tightness of her sphincter eased, I steadily slid my whole length inside, encouraged by appreciative noises and comments. I stayed completely inside her, while she became more accustomed. Before I had chance to withdraw in order to start to fuck her, she took matters into her own hands and began to grind back and fuck my cock with her arse. I was shocked at first but, realising that she was now totally into it, I reached for the rock chick vibe and told her to use it. The results were explosive. We were both totally lost in the most fantastic fuck of our lives, the vibrator in her pussy causing us both to cum violently, her on her new favourite toy and me deep in her arse.

We collapsed on the bed and after catching our breath, it felt a little awkward. Neither of us had expected it to be quite so intense and, just like 20-odd years ago, we got a bit shy with each other! We both dressed, I packed the toys away and left. We texted later and agreed it had been amazing.

A week later, she threw a half-day sickie and came over to my place. We were on each other immediately and at it like rabbits again. After around 30 minutes and a few different positions, I asked, "Well, what do you want to do next?"

"Well, you can put it anywhere you want!" was her coy reply.