Written by james

2 Dec 2012

By 1999, I had been married to my wife Cathy for 8 years, I had met her as a shy 21 year old 15 years earlier, during our marriage I had secretly harboured thoughts about her with other men, however when I mentioned this after a couple of years of marriage she told me that it wasn’t going to happen, occasionally over the years when we were in bed the subject was raised she always said no but asked me to explain overtime why it turned me on. Over time her attitude softened and she would often tease me by saying she may be tempted with a younger fitter guy, I should point out that by this time I was 44 and had developed a beer belly, too much good living I suspect. Cathy had kept herself in good shape, and at 36 years old weighed 9 stone and had a 34E- 26-36 figure, blue eyes and light brown hair.

One morning a flyer for kitchens and bathrooms for a well known firm hit our doormat, Cathy suggested we go to the local showroom the following weekend. Come Saturday, we agreed to meet at the showroom at 12, as Cathy had a skiing lesson at the local indoor slope earlier that morning. When I arrived there was no parking so I drove five minutes up the road and walked back. I entered the showroom; Cathy was talking to one of the younger sales guys who were following her around one of the bathroom displays. I should add she was wearing black boots, black ski pants and a thin tight fitting purple roll neck jumper which emphasised her curves. The guy who’s name was Ben seemed transfixed by her bottom and bust. After ten minutes she came over to here I was sitting and told me that Ben would be round the following Wednesday evening to quote us for a new bathroom suite and tiling. On the way home I mentioned that Ben had seemed very interested in her, Cathy laughed and said yes he was talking to my tits the whole time, she also said she thought he was very fit, and had enjoyed flirting with man 10 years younger than her, and that she would like to tease him a bit. It was close to my birthday so she said before we go out later on that evening she would give me a treat. Wednesday evening came round and Cathy told me to sit in my car about 20 metres from the house. She had the lights on in the living room and blinds in the bay window closed except the one closest to the front door, this afforded me a reasonably good view, though anyone parked on our drive would be able to see more. At seven thirty Cathy appeared at the window in high heeled shoes, black bra, thong, suspenders and tan stockings and gave me a wave, almost immediately Ben drove up, and parked on our drive, he got out and rang the bell, I could see Cathy with her back to the window, Ben rang a second time and then looked through the window, Cathy then waved at him and several seconds later opened the door, having put on a three quarter length nighty with very thin straps and plunging neckline, over the next half an hour she put on a great show for Myself and Ben, stretching and bending over to look at the sample tiles and taps that Ben had spread over the living room floor. Ben then left the house, and Cathy returned to the living room. Ben sat in his car, and appeared to be using his mobile, I called her and told her he was still on the drive, she said “I know” and then moved to the side of the room and removed her nightdress, it was then I realised he was filming her, I called her again and she said “good” and then promptly removed her bra, her tits swung free and she turned to face the window, before leaving the room and turning off the light. Ben then drove off and I went into the house in a state of high excitement.

“I hoped you enjoyed that, he is coming round again on Friday afternoon, to measure the bathroom” needless to say we fucked like we hadn’t in years, Cathy told me that he was very complimentary, and behaved like a perfect gentleman, they had shared a glass of wine and he had again flirted with her, she insisted that he call her Cathy and that when he comes next time that he need not wear a jacket and tie, as he looked uncomfortable.

I asked her what she was hatching and she said wait and see, Cathy booked the day off and I concocted a bullshit excuse to work from home that afternoon. Just before 2 o’clock, Cathy went upstairs and came back downstairs, wearing a white denim button down short skirt and strappy heeled sandals and a white blouse. She asked me to stay in the garden by the patio doors which she left slightly ajar and then pulled to curtains to, leaving a small gap so I could both see and hear what would transpire.

At 2.30 I heard a car pull up and shortly afterwards Ben appeared in the living room, he had done as he was told and was without his jacket and tie, Cathy asked him to remove his shoes before he came in, she picked them up and told her to follow her up to the bathroom, they returned after a few minutes, and Ben spread out the tiles colour charts and taps again on the carpet. Cathy sat on the edge of the settee, from where Ben was on the floor he would have had a great view up her skirt, and the sight that would have greeted him would have been her tiny white see through panties and white suspenders.

They appeared to have agreed on the design and then she left the room for five minutes, whilst Ben tidied up, Cathy then came back with two coffees, and then proceeded to sit down very close to Ben on the settee, she then managed to ‘accidently’ drop her coffee over herself and Ben, apologising profusely, she ran to the kitchen and said that she would have to soak her blouse, immediately to avoid staining it, she returned to the living room and insisted that he remove his trousers in order that she sponge them clean, this he did, and Cathy went to the kitchen again, this time he followed her, they then returned with new coffees, and sat and waited until Ben trousers dried out. For the next half an hour Cathy sat there nonchantly chatting away, in her almost see through Bra, crossing and uncrossing her legs whilst Ben did his best to hide an erection.

Cathy said that I would sign the paperwork and asked if Ben could come round the following week. As he left Cathy kissed him on both cheeks as she pressed herself against him. After he had left, Cathy asked me if I had enjoyed her performance, I told her she was wonderful, and that I had practically come in my trousers.

What happened during the following weeks though, changed both our relationship and lives forever, if you would like to know more...