Written by husband

25 Oct 2013

We have been married over 30 years and we know each other well. My wife isn't the best of lookers. Her tits are small for her size and she enhances them by using a large padded bra. Her arse is a size 14 and both arse cheeks are heavily orange peeled. The fanny is large and the labia lips protrude somewhat. Even her pussy hair isn't well kept.

One morning after washing she announced to me that she had come on and with that she started squatting and placed her tampon up her hairy cunt. Her period seemed to go on for weeks and I grew suspicious that something might be going on. She has a good job and dresses well for work. There is a large factory unit attached to the offices where she works and this day I decided to follow her. I saw a young man get into her car and I followed as close as possibe watching them go into a housing estate where they both entered a house. Drawing the curtains prevented me seeing anything.

I was gutted. My wife to my knowledge had always been loyal and I never thought that anyone would be attracted to her let alone a young man. O my arrogrance! Eventually she came home. I heard her key in the lock and I moved quickly into the hall. 'Hi darling how you doing' she said. Something in me flipped. I grabbed her arm and marched her into the sitting room. 'What are you doing?' she said. Without answering her I pushed her onto the settee and bent her across my knee. She was wearing a loose flowing skirt and I tried to lift it up and expose her arse. She grabbed at the skirt. 'Please don't pull it up' she said desparately trying to keep it down. But it was too late. I lifted the skirt to her waist exposing her clear nude coloured tights.

To my amazement she wasn't wearing any panties.' Please I'm on my period leave me alone'When I saw her large arse under her tights I was amazed. It looked very sexy. The arse cheeks pushed the nylon to it's extreme and I could see her arse slit and her fanny.

She was still shouting not to remove her tights. I tore at them revealing the large hairy arse and orange peel. I slapped both cheeks making me go erect.

I spread her legs quickly and could see her pleasure slit. It was covered with hair and the labia lips were spread on either side of her cunt.

I could see the semen that was still in the cunt.She was withing about trying to close her cunt. My cock was hard and I pulled her small tits from the enormous padded bra. I fondled the nipples and carressed them in my hands. She knew the game was up.

She admitted to being fucked. 'he's the first man to take an interest in me. Please don't fuck me'. I bent her on all fours and started to massage the arse hole. 'please not there'.Too late I shoved my throbbing cock into her arse hole. I grabbed the small tits making the most of them. Her arse cheeks were up in the air and i realised that she was rubbing her clit. At last she came just before her other hole had had a good fucking.

Eventually she lay on the ground with her large thighs open. The cunt was red and moist with spunk and love juices from her new man. Her tits lay flat on her chest revealing the nipples. I could see they had been bitten.

And you know what. That was the change in our lives. She lay with me and told me about her desires and her need to be acknowledged by other men. 'Please let me continue being fucked by my new man' I have to admit she had turned me on in a new and exciting way.

We both agreed that her fuck buddy could visit and I would watch.

The start of something new? Next installment soon.