Written by Andrew - Bill

20 Jan 2009

This is not my story but my mates ( suck buddy )

He works for a company who hire out handy reps to fix and repair items in rented accomodation.

Bill was given a contract in Southport and it was arranged by the wife of his next job to rewire the security lights to their conservertory , he phone the lady and she left the spare keys with their agent she said her husband was working away but he may arrive back sometime that day.

Anyway bill got delayed getting materials he phoned the client who said she would be out late and her husband had phoned and would be home when he came around but because she was in a rush she forgot to say Bill was coming around .

Bill parked up his car and let himself in the back door and started sorking out his tools and materials , he heared a noise ustairs bill shouted but went upstair .

Bill told me he noticed the bedroom door was ajar and he was abot to say something when he could see the husband was wanking a impressive cock but in hi other hand he was sucking on a dildo and by the look on this face he was having a great time .

Then as these things normaly happen outside the bedroom there wasa squeeky floor board and with this he said hello - the husband had a look of terror on his face .

He was shouting who are you - why are you here as Bill was walking away from the bed room he said im here to fix your security light , phone your wife .

He said go down stair - anyway there was some talking on the phone and the husband came down and said he had spoken to his wife and to carry on .

The job was going to take 2 days Bill started prepping the job and after a couple of hours he got to the point were he could do no more.

He shouted to the husband who was upstairs , he said did he want a drink before Bill left which he said ok .

The conversation was a little bit awkward then the husband said what did you see me doing in the bedroom - Bill said its got nothing to do with me but you were wanking .....and then he said you were sucking a dildo.

The husband said he was embarrased and it was a bit of fun ....... bill said we all wank ..............but the husband said ok we all wank but we all dont suck a dildo.

Bill said have you ever wanted to suck a cock ....... the silence told him he had thought about it.

Bill said he was bi and if he wanted some no holds barred fun it would be fun .

The silence was there again so bill thought it wasnt going to happen so he put his glass down and was about to leave .......... he then said ok im up for it .

Bill stripped off down to his boxers and then slowly pulled down his boxers and out popped bills thick 7 inch cock the husband looked at it and then slowly started stroking the shaft -balls and getting up to a bit of speed .

He was doing a good wanking job but bill wanted sucking he put his hand on his head and pushed it towards his cock .

The husband stopped wanking and opened his mouth and slowly bit by bit bills cock was in his mouth - bill said think its your wifes dildo and suck it all .

This was the push he wanted and for the next 10 mins the husband sucked and sucked when it was time to come he didnt stop and he took the man seed in his mouth .

Bill says he gets a phone call now and again from the husband just for good oral cock sucking mmmmmmmmmm

luck bastard