Written by Naughty Agnes

27 Oct 2011

hello everyone,

this a true story that makes me smile everytime I think about it. My name is Agnes and I am a 33 year old solicitor working for a large law firm.

One night last week I found myself working alone in the office preparing for a big case. It was quite late, bout 9 o'clock when I thought about calling it a day. I started putting all of the files away, including ones that were needed to be on my bosses desk for the morning. I noticed that one of his desk drawers was open. I went to close it but it wouldn't budge. I could see it was jammed by some papers so I pulled at them and was very suprised with what I came across.......Porn mags.........wow I thought, my boss is a dirty old man.....he's about 70 I think. I flicked through a few pages and was suprised how turned on I was getting. Some of the girls were beautiful with fantastic bodies. I could feel my mound getting wet the more I looked. I sat down at his desk and found myself squirming as I got more and more turned on. I couldn't help myself and I started to touch my pussy. I slipped my hand inside my skirt and pulled my knickers aside. I started to finger my wet pussy and flicking at my swollen clit. By now I was well turned on. I licked my wet fingers and tasted my sweet juices. I pulled my blouse off and squeezed my tits whilst tweeking my erect nipples.

As I was so engrossed in my own pleasure I didn't hear my boss come in. He let out a small grunt and I was mortified to see him standing there. I tried to grab my clothes to hide my modesty but he just shouted at me to stay still. He had gone very red in the face and I thought now I was going to be in trouble. He came over and asked why I was sitting at his desk. I explained about the files and the draw. He said something about me trespassing by opening his draws, something he could sack me for. Oh shit I thought I am now in big trouble.

To my suprise he said that I could get myself out of trouble if I wanted. Of course I agreed before even thinking about it. It then dawned on me how I could help myself. My 70 year old boss with his paunch stomach and podgy fingers wanted me to pleasure him. He came over and grabbed my hand, placing it firmly on his swollen manhood. With some caution I began rubbing it through his suit trousers. Amazingly enough I found myself getting turned on by this. I undid his trousers and released his throbbing member from is underpants. He cleared his desk and told me to lie down on it. I opened my legs, but to my suprise he climbed on the table and shoved his cock into my mouth. I started to suck him off and I could tast the pre-cum. This wasn't going to take long. He then took his cock out and turned me over so I was doggy style. I felt my boss finger my pussy. He moved his wet hand up to my glory hole and started massaging my pussy juices into my arse. Next I felt some pressure there and to my horror I realised he was going to fuck my arse......please note I am an anal virgin. I asked him to stop to little avail. He continued banging my arse, I could feel and hear is balls slapping against my arse. His pace got quicker and quicker and with a grunt I felt is body shudder as he came inside my arse. He stayed there for a minute or so whilst pulling quite roughly on my tits. Eventually he withdrew. He looked at me with a satisfied look on his face. I still hadn't come and was still very turned on. I asked if it was my turn to come. No he replied. This was a punishment!!!!

I asked if I still had my job......to which he replied..........only if you behave in the future............otherwise there will be more punishment........

He got dressed and left the office. Wow I was so turned on I masturbated for a few minutes and came hard. I sat there for awhile and realised that I actually quite enjoyed what had happened. Dare I be naughty again????