Written by naughtyhotboy

25 Apr 2011

I was driving just off the M74 on my way back from Glasgow. I was desperate for the toilet and spotted an area on the side of the road where I often saw Lorries and caravans parked up overnight. There was an area over a farm style gate with bushes, wild shrubs and thin trees. I climbed over and had a quick survey to check nobody was around and chose a slightly secluded spot. I pulled down my pants and had a good poo but also needed to pee. I had just started to squirt pee as I was slightly aroused and had to wait a minute. At that moment I decided to just have another quick look around as the area was fairly open. To my horror a man was standing watching only a few metres away. He approached asking if I was lost. I replied no and he went on to explain that I was in his back garden. Lots of people used the area for all sorts. You could tell to be quite honest. There were also private signs nailed to the trees. He explained that he was reporting vehicle numbers to the police and asked how I would like to be pee'd on. To try and lighten the mood I said I didn’t mind it sometimes and chuckled. His reply was totally unexpected. He asked if I wanted to get naked and be pee'd on then wanked. Well it was all new to me but I was strangely drawn to trying it. Seemed like a good idea to try something completely different. As he had seen my naughty bits anyway I allowed myself to lose all inhibitions and removed my clothes. I also didn’t want to be reported. It was a great experience. When I entered that wood I had no idea that something like this would have ever been possible. I thought I was having a dump in a dump. I may even stop there again in the hope that he appears.