Written by luckyhubby28

27 Jul 2008

This is a true story of when i caught my wife Sam, with two men she had known from growing up with them at a very young age. She was 25, at the time that i received the best evening of my life. Knowing that Sam had grown up with Lee and Paul, who both lived quite close to us, and they still regularly spoke to each other, and were always popping round to see us, it had never even crossed my mind that anything could happen between them.

I work shifts, so as normal, i left for the night shift, leaving Sam home with Lee and Paul, laughing and joking, having the odd beer between them. I got to work at about 10ish started work, but within an hour or so injured my arm, enough so that i was told to go home and rest it, and to go the doctors if it got any worse.

I managed to drive home, but as i entered the street, i saw that lees car was still parked up outside our house. I thought to myself that, they probably had too much to drink, and walked home which they have done in the past.

I opened the front door, was just about to shout that i was home, when i heard Sam giggling, then i heard Pauls voice mumbling something, from the living room. I quietly closed the front door, and slowly moved over to the living room door. By now my heart was pounding as i new something was not normal. Luckily the door was quite wide open, but realised that i could be seen, so i went back then climbed the stairs, halfway, until i could see into the room, and what a view i had.

I could not believe my eyes, our two friends, that i thought i could trust,had got Sam, on the edge of the sofa, and were just removing her blouse, revealing her black lacy bra. Sam has got quite a nice figure, not fat, but with 38d tits which were heaving out of her bra. Lee and Paul were both kneeling in front of her, both stripped down to their boxers. They were both kissing her, whilst feeling her tits, then undid her bra and both taking a tit each, sucked and licked her nipples making them grow hard.

It soon became obvious to me that this was not the first time that they had all done this. Paul undid Sams jeans, then taking a leg each, they roughly pulled them down and off. Sam stood up in front of them and let Lee kiss all over her stomach then down over her knickers. Each was rubbing their hands between her legs, then inside them feeling her pussy. Then roughly they pushed her back onto the sofa, and Paul pulled her knickers off, then they both set to work, feeling her, poking her, then in turn licking her making her scream out as she must of had her first cum of the evening.

Sam sat up and took out both their cocks, i could see that Paul was quite a bit bigger and thicker than Lees cock. She the started to wank them both off one in each hand, and suck them both, Lee first etc. At this point my cock was rock hard, so i quietly wanked myself, and had to bite hard on my lip so as not to be herd as cum shot out of me in seconds, at the sight of what my perfect wife was doing, the dirty bitch. I pulled myself together just as Lee turned Sam over, onto her front, and pushed his rock hard cock deep into my wifes pussy. She threw her head back as he fucked her hard, but soon, she begged him not to cum into her pussy, but he grabbed her hips, and with a massive thrust, emptied his balls, deep inside her.

Paul took over and rammed his bigger cock deep into her. Again she screamed, but with a smile growing on her face. Paul took slower strokes, fucking my wife, but each time he thrust as deep as he could into her. By this time Lee was hard and ready again, he moved his way round, and pushed his cock into my wifes mouth, as she was being fucked by Paul, she was licking and sucking Lees cock, right down the back of her throat. To my amazement, and nothing i would ever of dreamt of, i saw Paul start licking Lees cock and then sucking him, as Sam licked his balls. This must of done it for Lee, as he moved behind Paul, rubbed some lubricant on Pauls arse and pushed his cock into it.

What a sight, i was soon rock hard again, so i wanked myself hard, watching my filthy, slutty wife, underneath them both, being fucked deep by Paul, who was being fucked hard from behind by Lee. After what seemed like hours, they all started moving faster, they one by one came inside each other, but with Sam begging Paul not to spunk inside her, too late, he ended up filling her pussy to the brim, as Lee spunked deep inside Paul. The sight of this made me shoot an arc of cum straight out, landing on the hall carpet. They one by one climbed off each other. Then, both the men passionately kissed my wife. I heard Sam say to them that it was the best yet, and can not wait until next time already.

At this point i decided to quietly get out of the house, and go back about an hour later when i knew the coast was clear. i got in bed next to Sam, pushed myself up against her, but she said that she was very tired. To this day i have never mentioned this, or the other times since that i know about, since, but unfortunately, not been able to watch. Maybe the future may hold more surprises for me i hope, anyway.