Written by Pissed off husband

4 Nov 2014

My wife Angela and I have always had a healthy sex life, she's 50 and I'm a bit older at 51 and even though I say so myself she is still a looker, slim pretty and nice big tits. She is a hell of a lot fitter than I am in fact she runs the London marathon each year for charity. We have looked at stories on SH and talked about joining and sending in photo's just for spice things up a little but never done anything about it, I doubt we would swap or anything becouse I was sure my wife would never be unfaithful and I don't know if this counts. In July we went on holiday to Portugal where we have a villa. We went with neighbours who my wife gets on well with and convinced me to let them come along. Judith is 31 and Paul is 35 and I know I'm being horrible but Judith is so boring I want to scream and Paul, well he thinks he's the man who women swoon at but to be honest I know he's good looking and that but I think he's just a dick head.

Throughout the holiday I caught Paul looking Angela up and down in her swimwear and had to listen to him making suggestive comments. It pissed me off but of course Angela though it was wonderful. But here it is, on the Thursday before we where due to fly home on the Saturday we had all had food, Judith and Paul's kids where in bed and as usual Paul was going on about how great Angela looked in what she was wearing, I made some excuse to go to bed at around 10 and Angela joined me about an hour later, she had a few words about how rude I was and why was I mad that another man fancied her and so on. For some reason I woke at 2 am and Angela was missing, I got up to check she was ok but couldn't find her in any of the bathrooms, I though maybe she was out by the pool reading so went to look and I found her all right, on her knee's, her head bobbing up and down sucking Paul's cock.

I stood in the darkness for a while trying to work out what to do, I though of walking in and punching him but then I thought of his kids but all the while I was getting angry I couldn't' help watching. Angela was completely naked, her large breasts swinging as she licked the sided of his cock before putting her lips over its head and taking it so deep in her mouth I could hear her choking.

I listened whilst he grunted and whispered to her, I'm not sure what he said but she would stop and start jerking him off then he would whisper again and she would stand in front of him and let him suck her tits and finger fuck her, I watched as he gorged himself on my wife's breasts and she made that deep groan she always made when I fuck her. What I did hear surprised me, he told her to sit on his lap and let him fuck her but she pushed him away and told him there was no way he was going to cum in her. That was one thing I suppose but when he leaned back she was quite happy to start sucking his cock again. It was all very erotic, so much so that without realising it I was masturbating watching my wife give head. Then with a laud groan her head jerked a couple of times, it was obvious that he was cuming in her mouth something she had always told me she wouldn't do and she didn't object either, she licked his head sucking the last bit of cum out and when he shot his load a second time onto her face she wiped it off and put it in her mouth slurping. This was enough for me to shoot my load into my hand, I went to the bathroom to clean myself down and went to bed, Angela came back about an hour later. I wish that was all but next time I'll tell you about the last day!.