Written by Cuckold Craig

11 May 2012

I got caught out about six months ago. I'd been to a new product launch seminar, at a hotel near Birmingham, boring presentations during the day, plenty of drinking at night and had ended up in bed, fucking Lorraine, one of the female reps from the manufacturer. I'd told her I was single, agreed to keep in touch, with no intention of doing so. A one night stand with an attractive woman, fuck and forget as far as I was concerned. Forget? Not a chance, Kathy my wife has made sure of that.

I got home, about 9pm after a long drive through the Friday evening traffic, dumped my bag, briefcase and coat, gave her a kiss, though she wasn't in a very good mood. Quick panic, wedding anniversary? No, not for another few months. Her 30th birthday? No,that was 3 weeks away. Tired and a headache she told me. Shit, I'd been hoping she'd handcuff me and have her wicked way, any chance of a bit off fun, out the window. I made myself a drink and went for a shower. Kathy came upstairs collected my dirty clothes and by the time I went back downstairs, my case had been emptied, dirty stuff in the washing machine and she seemed in an even worse mood. I left her watching TV. I didn't hear her come to bed, waking up in the morning alone. I could hear Kathy downstairs, she's up early I thought as I climbed out of bed. I went to the bathroom, coming out just as she called up that she was off out and would see me later. Little did I know how much shit I was in.

That night, she seemed in a better mood, showering then sitting in a sheer black gown, front open, her tits peeping out, looking at her laptop. Great in a better mood and on the table next to her handcuffs. Feeling better and in the mood, I hoped as I showered. When I returned, she stood, picking up the cuffs and came over to me, undid my dressing gown, my prick standing erect ready for some action. She took one wrist, locked the cuff on it, pulled my arms behind my back cuffing my wrists together. It looked like I was in for a blow job. She stood back, a small smile on her lips as she slipped her gown off, revealing her ripe, 32dd tits, slim waist, a pair of little black lace panties, covering her trimmed pussy.

“Do you like the panties?” she asked wiggling her bum. “Very nice, are they new?” I asked her. “Not exactly. You've seen them before though” she replied, paused a moment “Just not on me” What the hell's she on about I thought in confusion. She swung her laptop around so I could see the screen. “That's where you've seen them” Oh shit, Lorraine topless, wearing the panties, holding my phone taking a photo of herself in the wardrobe mirror in my hotel room, perhaps even more damning, around her neck the very distinctive tie I own. I didn't say anything, what can you say. Kathy hadn't finished anyway, she removed the panties, held them to her nose, inhaled. “Spunk. Yours I think” these were hidden in your bag with this note. “She held it up for me to read. “Great night. I've left you something to remind you on your mobile.” She must have taken it when I was in the bathroom, and hidden her panties in my bag then. “I'm sorry” I mumbled. “I promise it won't happen again” it sounded pathetic even to me. She laughed in my face. Then grabbed my balls, crushing and twisting them. With a groan I sank to the floor. She crouched next to me, scrunching my balls harder. “I couldn't give a fuck. You know my motto. Don't get mad. Get even” Despite the abuse my balls were getting my cock was still rock hard. In fact I was enjoying it, “Exquisite pain” someone had described it on a bdsm site I sometimes look at.

She released my throbbing bollocks, I couldn't touch them my wrists still cuffed., cursing Lorraine for leaving the photo. Kathy looked down at me, I could see between her legs, her cunt lips parted her pink hole glistening with juices. She lent forward, her tits raising and falling as she breathed, her nipples erect obviously in a state of arousal. She grabbed my hair, pulled me across to the coffee table until I was kneeling beside it. She climbed on it, bent down, took hold of my prick, dragging me until my cock and balls rested it on the table top and stood on them. She crouched down, opened her legs, her cunt inches from my face, “Take a good look wanker, Cos it's going to be a while before you get to fuck me again. Understand” I croaked that I did as she removed her foot from my balls. “What are you going to do?” I asked quietly. “I've had 24 hours to think about that. First I'm going to have a play, get myself in the mood. Then you can watch me being fucked” she informed me. “Oh” I couldn't think of what else to say.

I remained kneeling, watching as she sat back on the sofa. She picked up her mobile sent a text then spread her legs, sitting masturbating until she was interrupted about twenty minutes later by the door bell. She pulled her fingers from her pussy, smirked at me. “That'll be a guy I know, Rob. He's been trying to persuade me to go out with him while you're away and I know he wants to fuck me (A lie, he'd already fucked her I’ve since found out). If you can cheat I might as well let him shagg me. At least I'm not going to do it behind your back. Anyway by the looks of your little cock you'll enjoy it” My cock was erect, images of her being fucked flashing through my mind. She walked out the room, answering the door completely naked.

I could hear voices, hers and it sounded like more than one blokes, laughing and giggling, my name mentioned, more laughing. She stuck her head around the door, “Rob's brought his mate with him. You don't mind him fucking me too do you. Not that it makes ant difference if you do” She looked pointedly at my stiff cock, turning and leaving me there, listening to the sound of them going upstairs. I struggled to my feet, and followed, managed to climb the stairs onto the landing.

They'd left the bedroom door open, Kathy was on the bed with them, all three naked. She was sitting propped up on the pillows, legs open, one guy about to dive in and give her cunt a tongue lashing. She looked at me, then turned her head, holding the other guys cock and began to suck him off. Despite my aching balls, I wished I could reach my cock and wank. I could see the spare cuff key on her dressing table, but didn't think I'd be able to undo them but decided to try. All I succeeded in doing was knocking it on to the floor to their amusement. “Please can you unlock them” I begged. They were just changing positions, “Why. Do you want to toss yourself off?” she asked. Like the pathetic wanker I am I nodded. She was already on all fours, ready to be taken from behind. “What do you reckon. Shall we let him have a wank?” she asked the two guys. “Why not” one said, picking up the keys and releasing me.

“Go and stand in the corner out the way” Kathy ordered then ignored me as the guy rubbed his cock along her gash, held her waist pushing his large cock into her soaking cunt. The other guy was at the head of the bed, propped on the pillows where she had been, offering his prick to her mouth. She took his cock in her mouth, lips stretched tight around his thick girth. She rocked between them one ploughing his cock up her pussy, penetrating her deep, fucking her hard, the other trying get his cock down her throat. She must have orgasmed three times before she took a load of spunk in her cunt. The guy pulled out, the one she'd been giving head to, took over fucking her for another five or ten minutes before grunting he was going to cum, shooting his seed inside her to mix with the first guys. I had already ejaculated in my excitement, three or four jets of spunk pooling on the carpet.

The guy, looked over at me as he withdrew his softening cock from Kathy's gaping, glistening cunt.”That’s how your Missus needs fucking” he grinned. She clamped her hand over her hole, trapping their sperm in her pussy. She turned on her back, laid legs spread, hand still covering her hole. Her body was flushed pink, nipples poking out hard. She beckoned with her other hand. “Clean me” she instructed. I felt unsure, confused. More loudly she repeated her instruction “Go down on me, lick their spunk from my cunt. Don't stop till I tell you” I crawled between her legs, lowered my head, gave her cunt a tentative lick, tasted the spunk oozing from her hole, gave it another lick, taking some in my mouth, not disliking the taste mixed with her cunt honey. I ran my tongue along her gash probing her well fucked hole. She put her hand on my head, pressing my face firmly against her cunt. I licked, sucked, nibbled her clitoris, until she was writhing on the bed as she climaxed.

She released my head, told me to get off the bed, lick my spunk off the carpet, before dismissing me telling me to sleep in the spare room. I spent the night listening as she was fucked repeatedly until all went quiet about three in the morning, then heard them fucking her before they left in the morning. She called me in to clean her again, which was fantastic. I'm not sure how many different men I've been lucky enough to watch fucking her, probably about a dozen, but there have been others where I've only been permitted to listen from the spare room.

Sometimes if I'm lucky I'm allowed to wank while I watch but mostly she cages my cock and balls and I'm only allowed to masturbate afterwards. About a month ago she introduced a new dimension, a guy she'd been in contact with, who fucked her then I had to clean them both afterwards, licking her out, then sucking his cock. Most enjoyable once I got the hang of it, sucking his cock until he was hard enough to fuck her again and on that occasion I was allowed to watch and wank, brilliant.

Though I didn't know it at the time I'd played right into her hands by fucking Lorraine. Once she'd got me where she wanted, had me trained and accepting of my position as a Cuckold she told me that she'd had at least three guys on the go who were fucking her regularly while I was on the road as well as Rob who had been fucking her for over a year and apparently it was his idea for them to fuck her while I watched. It's her wish to ban me from fucking her and only permit me to watch if I deserve it or as a reward. I don't want her to stop treating me this way. I love being a Cuck, sucking cock, now I've experienced it and hope next time she'll let me give a guy a full blow job and allow him to cum in my mouth.