Written by Calum

23 Oct 2017

Ive been with my girlfriend over 6 months , were both 19 , her mum know were having sex , she would rather we did it somewhere safe than down some back alley . Anyway me Shaz had bern on the lash and i asked could stay over , shaz was going off to work Monday morning , so was her mum , the plan was i would have a lie in and go home just after dinner. I woke up about 10:30 with a full on boner , so i grabbed my phone and scowered the internet for porn , to ease my boner , lesbian porn always gets me going , i watched , and wanked away , getting into a rhythm i heard a noise and there as bold as brass was shaz mums friend Sally , so when the house is empty you wank away i wonder what Jilly ( shazs mum ) would think i was mortified , i covered my cock she grabbed my phone checking out my porn , typical fuckin bloke she said , girl on girl licking pussy - fuckin typical , i said please dont say anything , she said Jilly had sent her over to check on me , i said im sorry . She sat on the bed next to me and said , if i dont say anything what will you do for me , i said anything she said are you sure i said yes please dont she said ok , i want you to finish off wanking i want to see you work your cock for me , i said i will tell Shaz what happened she will believe me , she said but i will tell Jilly you had gone through her underwear draw , what a bitch . Ok i said l closed my eyes to engage my wank memories and it wasnt long before i was beating away , my normal routine is wank then fondle my balls , Sally was transfixed to my wanking , i wanted to get one up on her i said im wish your lips were around my cock , and you are begging for me to fill your mouth , she said shut up and lay back , her warm lips wrapped around my bellend and she sucked so gently , in and out of her mouth i said im close can i see you undies ( i have a thing about undies ) she pulled off her jeans and blouse , nice patterned mini panties and a white bra , she said you can look but no touch , her nipples were hard in her bra and a could see a little bit of bush in her panties , she was straight back on my cock , i held her head as she sucked she was rubbing her pussy , this sent me over the edge and I came heavy filling her mouth , she rubbed her pussy to orgasm .

She said we both needed that , she got dressed and she said her goodbyes and she was gone , i hope that wasnt a one off ....