Written by undielover1

25 May 2007

I've been dressing up in my girlfriend's clothes and underwear for around a year or so, always when she's out and she didn't know but I think she was getting suspicious. Sara is a size 12, so her clothes fit me fine, and I was getting a real kick and thrill out of my little secret. Then, last week, she took a day off from work, but didn't tell me and set off as normal.

Shortly after she'd gone I went to the bedroom and dressed myself up in some of her things. Sara works in an office and I wasn't expecting her back till 5.30pm. She'd obviously sussed me and had planned to catch me out, which she did to perfection, returning an hour later, letting herself in and catching me on the bed watching some porn on the TV. To say I was shocked and surprised is an understatement-there I was in one of her best white blouses and short black skirts, sheer white lace topped stockings and undies (her shoes don't fit me) watching porn with a hardon sticking up through the skirt. She stood in the doorway looking from the antics on the TV to me on the bed, dressed as usual in her pin striped grey business suit with her blonde hair tied back, and a smile on her face as she relished my discomfiture and speechlessness.

"So this is what you get up to when I'm hard at work," she said finally "I thought that this was going on. You never put my things back properly - and you left a spunk stain in my best black thong. Stand up then. I'd like to see what you look like wearing my clothes."

I did as Sara asked, standng rather uncomfortably before her. She walked round me, eyeing me up and down, and as she began to stroke my legs and fondle my bum, I realised with relief that she was actually not angry but enjoying the situation. There was a mischievous glint in her blue eyes as she stood once more before me.

"Well now, you actually look almost as good as I do in those clothes," she said "The question is, what have you got on underneath? Show me. Strip off that blouse and skirt right now."

I unzipped the skirt and let it fall to the floor, stepping out of it and with trembling fingers unbuttoned the blouse, slipping it from my shoulders and standing there in just a white lace matching bra and knickers, suspender-belt and stockings. Sara looked on appreciatively, and began to run her hands over me, flicking at my bra straps and suspenders with her fingers and stroking my stocking tops.

"I'm getting you really horny, aren't I?" she said "I suppose its my turn now."

I watched as Sara slipped off first her jacket, and then her tight skirt, revealing her black seamed stockings, and her blouse quickly followed, leaving her in her black lace camisole, bra, knickers and suspenders. She loosened hr hair, shaking her head to let it fall over her shoulders, and then moved in on me, kissing me deeply, her tongue seeking mine as we embraced. Our hands were all over each other, and then Sara pulled away, taking my bra with her, as she'd unclipped it as we clinched.

Going down on her knees,Sara began running her hands up and down my stockinged legs, kissing the lace tops and my thighs, and running her tongue along the bulge in my knickers. With slow and sexy deliberation she unclipped the suspender straps, then reached behind me to remove the belt. I was in heaven as my sexy girlfriend slowly stripped me of the underwear, pulling my knickers down with her teeth, and as I stepped free of them she began to roll down the stockings, one at a time, pushing me back onto the bed as she pulled them slowly and tantalisingly off at the feet. On her instructions I stood before her again, bollock naked, my cock harder than it had ever been. For a moment I thought she was going to give me a blow job, but Sara had other ideas, and picking up one of the discarded stockings, she deftly and sensually tied it around my cock just below the helmet, and by pulling the free ends, began to wank my cock. The feeling was fantastic as my foreskin was wanked and masturbated by the gossamer material, Sara pausing every so often to stroke and tickle my balls. Every so often she would lick my bell end, never a full suck, and I knew I wouldn't be able to hold on much longer. Sara knew this too, as she began to wank harder, the stocking tightening its silky grip on my cock.

"You dirty bastard," she told me as she pulled harder on the stocking "Is this kinky enough, for you? I'll show you how to get the best out of my underwear without just wearing it. Would you like that?"

"Yes, oh yes!" I gasped, and finally Sara grasped my cock in her fist, wanking me furiously as she stroked my sac. I cried out as my spunk jetted out and splashed on her throat, running down in thick creamy streamers into her cleavage and onto her camisole and bra. Without respite Sara dragged me towards the bed by the stocking, threw me down on it and began to unlace her spunk stained camisole.

"Let's not stop here then," she smiled as she slipped the spunky lingerie from her smooth shoulders...