20 Jul 2018

The most amazing relationship of my life came completely out of the blue. I got a one line message on an underwear fetish site from a young Swedish guy who said he was bi-curious and looking for no-strings, no questions sex.

After a few false starts we agreed a time for him to come over. He was tall, slim, blond and good-looking, and I could feel my cock stiffening in my thong. We were soon upstairs and stripping off, him to a jock and me to a thong. He started by licking and sucking me through my thong, before taking my erect cock out and deep-throating me. I knew what he wanted most was to be fucked, so I got him to lie face down on the bed still in his jock, whilst I rubbered and lubed my cock before mounting and entering him. I gave him a long hard fucking before I withdrew and we both masturbated to climax.

Things got better. The next time we met I got a big surprise. When he undressed, I found he was wearing black lace panties, suspenders and black fishnet stockings. It was a surprise but not a turn off as he was skinny, smooth with a cute little bum. It was not long before I had him on all fours, pulled down his panties and fucked him doggy. He loved my cock and was always asking for more.

As I got to know him better, I discovered that he was living with his girlfriend, but had this secret need to dress in sexy girls clothes and be submissive to another guy. However until we met he was a virgin.

He tried to wear some different lingerie for me every time we met. He would always keep it on whilst I fucked him. I remember when we went underwear shopping in London, and he chose several items of sexy lingerie. After lunch we went to an underwear session at a fetish club i knew. He was the centre of attention in his sexy panties and stockings, but I wouldn't let other guys fuck him. He lay back in the sling with his legs apart, so I got my throbbing erection out of my thong, pulled his panties down and entered him. It was a real turn-on to see the other envious guys watching us fucking, and masturbating and spunking over my boy's chest and stomach.

Initially we used condoms but when we realised that we were an item we threw them away and fucked bareback. My favourite ending was with me on top of him with him on his stomach, driving in deep until I had my orgasm inside him. It was nice knowing he was going home with something of me inside him.

We've split up now but still meet occasionally, once when he was fully dressed with wig blouse miniskirt and heels. I'm glad to say the sex is as good as ever.