Written by Biguynwestmale

23 Feb 2007

I went to a well known sauna in Greater Manhester (UK) frequented by mature guys yesterday and thought I'd share it with you (And it's the stonewall truth (Shocker for this site eh?)

Arrived, nice welome, paid my money, got my locker key, towel and safe sex kit, walked through to the shower, great, it's busy, it's got 4/5 different rooms with benches, chairs, loungers etc. It also then has a sauna, a steam room and this small room with physio type padded tables on...(?)

Anyway, nice long hot shower, into the steam room, quite busy, not packed, sat down, got used to the lack of light & heat etc, feeling good, anticipating some action, then, Someone touches my feet with theirs, then a hand on my left leg, then another one on my right, both stroking my legs.

Then a guy walks over to me slowly wanking his cock and says hello, I say hi and take up the offer (I'm sure it was (?) LOL) I start to stroke him, this is a green light to the leg touchers and they start rubbing their hands all over me and one guy starts to wank me off. I'm liking this place more...

The guy on my left says "Suck him, it's a beautiful thick cock" well, didn't want to be rude and he was accurate so I start to suck him, he starts groaning, saying "God you are good at that", the guy on my right, kneels up over my right leg and starts giving me a lovely blow job, the guy on my left has now snuck his hand underneath me and is applying some v cold lube with his finger(s)...

Another guy appears from my left (Stood up,) the guy stood on my right pulls his cock out of my mouth and says, "You have a go mate, this one sucks good" Well, flattery will get you everywhere, the guy stood up on the left goes for it and produces his member to my lips, this one is longer than the previous guy but not as thick, so I get into him, I continue wanking the guy stood up on my right.

So, I've now got 2/3 fingers up me and a bit more lube, I'm being given a lovely blow job from over my right knee, I'm stroking the guy stood up on my right and sucking the guy stood on my left, my left hand is then taken and placed on a very, very thick cock.

I'm a sucker for big mature cocks and I have to have a go at this, I take out the cock I have in my mouth, I get a stroke of my hair and a husky "You are a good slut" (More flattery!) and the guy I've got in my left hand moves in, I've got to say, I'd say it was about 7/8" (And I don't fish)it was exceptionally thick with a huge bell end, absolutely gorgeous! So I set about him, I'm looking up at him and he has one very big hand on each cheek and he is moaning away with a lovely satidfied look on his face...

The sucker stops (shame) but the guy who has his fingers up me wants something more, so he is maneouvering me up and away from my seat slightly, at this point I haven't even seen nor touched Mr fingers cock, however, I catch a glimpse of him getting a condom out of my pack (Good job otherwise he'd have got a push away!) and more lube, he applies a very generous application of cold lube, I've still got Mr Big hands in my mouth (I'm not letting that go)

Mr Fingers starts to sit me down on his small but thick cock, it hurts a little so he eases back, he knew what he was doing and he was gentle, Mr Big Hands is doing a lot more moaning suggesting I should "Keep sucking" and "Come on slut" I'm rock hard as Mr Fingers enters me, I lose my breath a little, and need to take a Mr Big Hands from my mouth, but I'm getting a lot of encouragement so not much of a break and I'm back to it, taking as much as I can, there are now at least another 3/4 guys watching and joining in on the peripheral.

I have to change position, it's getting uncomfortable and Mr Fingers wants some leverage, so, Mr Big Hands sits down, and Mr Fingers re enters me, again I lose my breath, Mr Fingers says "Oh f***ing hell that's better" and then "God you are tight" (I already know that at this point!) He's starting to move through the gears and Mr Big hands is getting more vocal, holding my face, encouraging me to take more, someone appears from my left, underneath me, and starts sucking me, he's not very good, fortunately he's replaced by a new guy, now he is...

I've then been given a cock in each hand, I think one was familiar, but I'm busy, getting buffeted between Mr Fingers & Mr hands, the guy in my right hands comes, all over my arm and my side, I then get my first big mouthful of Mr Big hands, he is telling everyone that he is coming and that I am still a f***ing good sucker and a slut. (Music to my ears)

Mr big hands pulls out and throws three more big dollops over my face and mouth, this is too much for the guy in my left hand who comes over the left hand side of my face, this is setting me off, but not before Mr Fingers starts pounding away much harder & deeper, he's near and then starts very deep groaning, the guys sucking me is taking my length totally (Impressive) and I'm trying to get more in (greedy eh?) Although Mr Fingers is clearly very near !

Mr fingers comes, with a bang literally, but not before I unload into the guy below me...

A get a few compliments and thanks, and 2/3 more offers, but I'm a bit tired and bloody hot to be honest, so I make my way to the showers, I dry myself and decide to go into the dry suana for a rest.

It was only about a 20 minute one, as I'm into a 4 way shortly after another mature guy with a lovely tan and shaved body site above me and to my left, removes his towel, strokes his thick 5/6" cock and smiles at me... Off I go again... (No rest for the wicked eh!)

Any mature guys who want group action with me in the North West (Although I travel through the South East, Midlands, North East & Scotland v. regularly, please get in touch. Obviously, any advice, good places to go, invites or feedback v welcum. Thanks.