Written by Kimberly

4 Mar 2019

I work at a secondary school (on reception) and have got myself into a sticky (but lovely) situation.

Over the recent half term I was in covering the office whilst a few teachers came in and out, running revision sessions and the such. I didn’t really have much to do so ended up just looking at my phone most of the day. I’m single (divorced) and have been for 3 years. I’m 45 now. I date quite a lot and have loved exploring my sexuality in the last few years.

My husband was so nice but so dull!! Average dick, crap at going down on me (he once said I got too wet!) and generally a poor shag. I put up with it for 10 years but in the end i had to call it quits. We never had kids, so the break was easy. Since then I’ve fucked about 9 guys (with varying success) and fooled around with a few more. It’s nearly always been younger guys as they seem to like my look (dark straight hair to my shoulders with a fringe. My tits are d-cup and the rest of me is a size 12).

Anyway, whilst at work it got to about 4pm and the log showed that I was the last one there. I’d been messaging this guy all afternoon that I’d seen the previous week and his messages were getting dirtier and dirtier. He was turning me on telling me how he wanted to fuck me and cum inside me. I was telling him how wet he was making me (I wasn’t lying) and he said ‘show me’. Well this is where it went wrong... I moved to a quiet spot in the office, pulled my jeans down to my ankles and leaning back in the chair slipped a finger inside my pussy as I took a pic.

I put the phone down but couldn’t help just sliding another finger in quickly as it felt so good - I really wasn’t planning on getting myself off - just a quick touch. Then I heard a voice say ‘oh, hey... wow’ and there was one of the English teachers standing there open mouthed!!!

I was so embarrassed I just tried to pull my jeans up, but they were twisted and I couldn’t sort myself out. I was mumbling apologies as he stepped towards me, squatted down to eye level with me and just said ‘you look gorgeous’. I looked into his brown eyes which seemed so warm and tried to say something but he caught me off guard and kissed me real quick. He’s a good looking guy, and really well liked but I didn’t expect this from him. We stared at each other for a moment and as I hadn’t moved he moved in and kissed me again. Our lips locked and then his tongue flicked against my mouth so I opened it and let our tongues meet.

We kissed like this for a while (all the time my jeans around my ankles and my pussy getting wetter) but his hand went no higher than my thigh. I started squirming to try and get his hand closer to my pussy, but he stood up and told me he wanted to watch me make myself cum.

I was so horny that I just nodded and started touching my pussy which was leaking so much that I soon had 2 fingers inside me and my pussy was squelching as I looked into his eyes. He undid his jeans and let them fall to the floor. A big erection was obvious and he pulled down his boxers to show me his heavy cock. It looked gorgeous so I leant my head towards it and sucked deeply on his tip tasting precum. I moaned as I sucked on him and could feel myself getting close to cumming. His cock fell from my mouth as I moaned about cumming and he started wanking hard towards my face, his tip hitting my cheeks and lips as I worked my pussy. I started cumming hard, juices pouring from my pussy onto the seat at which point he stepped back and started cumming hard. His cum hit me across my face, over my vest top and splattering down on my belly and pussy. He told me to rub his cum into my pussy which I happily did as I sucked the remainder from his cock.