Written by dan

23 Aug 2009

I recently went on holiday to Exmouth where they have some really good walks. I got up early one morning and walked about 8 miles into Exmouth itself. On my way back I needed the toilet but it was too early for them to be open so thought I will go in some bushes further up. I didn't see anyone so walked into some bushes and began to pee, I lasted a while as I was desperate. I then heard a voice saying bit early for that isnt it, I looked around and a guy about late sixty's with his dog stood there. I said shit sorry nmate it aint what you are thinking I was desperate and have a good way to walk still. The old guy looked and said oh ok and eagerly watched as I tucked myself away. He then started to ask where I was staying etc and began to walk with me as I made my way back. He asked all sorts of standard questions and said do you like walking then, I said yes Im a very keen walker. He then told me the area I was in was renowned for activity so be acreful if its too early. I asked what he mean't and he said lots of guys come up here to wank each other. I didnt know what to say really and then clicked hang on thats why he was there himself. I said oh I aint into guys, he quickly said why have you tried, I said no I havent. He looked at me and said would you like too, I thought what the hell he's an old bloke so I said why not then. He walked me to this fenced area and said we will be ok here, he took out his dick which I have to say was pretty impressive for an old guy. He said do you wnat to touch it so I said ok and began to wank him. He went hard very quick and I have to say I want hard when I saw how big he went. He said try and suck it so I knelt down and slowly licked and sucked it as I wanked him. I could hardly get his bell end in as he was so big I began to realy moan and say oh yes your good which encouraged me even more to suck and wank him. Next thing I knew he went rock hard and fired absolutely loads of cum into my mouth casuing it to leak and spray over my face and coat. I was trying to swallow and suck him to stop it going everywhere but this guy came like Id never seen before in my life. It was about five times a smuch as me and I thought I cum sum :0 I was a mess as he handed me a few tissues from his pocket, well you certainly know how to suck and wank a cock young man he said that was very good. He asked if I wanted him to relieve me which I said no your ok. The guy zipped himself up and said you want to try it again, I thought yes why not. I was surprised though because the guy meant like now! He said come with me I only live down here so of we trundled to a small bungalow nearby. We went in where he said you can clean up there if you wnat and showed me the bathroom. When I came out he said lets go in the bedroom. He took me in and lay me on the bed and unzipped my trousers and began to caress my bulge. He soon got me hard and started to suck me off. He managed to virtually get me all in compared to me lol With this I was wanting more of him so told him to take his clothes off as I did mine. That cock of his was at least 9" unerect, it hung swinging as we climbed on the bed for a 69 sucking session. He asked me if I wanted to be fucked of which I said I dont really know to be honest, he got some lube out and started to ease it around my arse then put loads on his cock especially hi bell end, I said I wont be able to take that mate, we will see he said. I could feel his bell end pushing against my arse as he struggled to open me then allof a suddent I heaved out oh s his end sqeezed in, shit it hurt. I asked if I wanted to continue or stop I said " oh whatever you want" he continued to push this huge dick into my virgin ass slowly as I really struggled to relax. He said I will stop at taht for now but Ive only got a few inch's in, hell I thought but just eased as he slowly fucked me with what he had in me, tahts better he said as he slowly speeded up pushing a little more evrytime. I swear he was coming out my mouth as he gradually got fully in me as he said no your gonna be fucked, he sped up as I shouted out fucking hell, fucking hell. I collapsed on my front as he was still deep in me as he aggresively fucked me hard and deep , he then wisperd to me now Im going to cum in you. I went realy fast as I thought Im going to rip in a minute then he grip my shoulders and heaved out have that mate. he pushed in as I felt this really warm sensation in my butt, it felt really nice as he unloaded loads of cum up me, I could feel it running down my bollocks as he stayed in me still cumming. He gradually pulled out releasing loads of his cum as he did so. He said did you like that than, I said yes it hurt like hell but yes taht was good. He said lets go get cleaned up so I went in the bathroom and showered down as he cleaned himself up in the small sink. When I came out he'd made us coffees and biscuits and asked if i wanted to do it again whilst Im on my hols. I said yes why not, he asked if I wanted to stay over one night and we could have fun all night so I agreed.Well you can imagine it from there, nearly ten days on holiday, I got 26 loads of cum and got fucked 12 times whilst there and have now agreed to go stop with him from time to time. Crikey from virgin to wantin lol ;)