Written by lindxx

30 Jan 2013

I am typing this after a very enjoyable fuck session with my lover Rob, my pussy is so tender and spunk filled, I do not want to shower just yet as I want this feeling to last a little longer. If I touch myself I no my pussy lips are swollen and tender with the pounding I have taken. Rob and I have been lovers for about 10 months now, I know the modern term is fuck buddies but I prefer lover as it sounds sexier.

I first met Rob 18 months ago while I was out cycling at a local beauty spot and he and his family were walking their dog which for some reason decided to block my way and start barking. I wobbled a bit and stopped Rob and family very apologetic of course the dog now I had stopped very friendly, his family carried on but Rob stopped a little longer making sure I was okay. Rob is tall with an athletic body not particularly handsome, black greying hair and a lovely smile.

Over the next few weeks I allways seemed to bump into him either jogging or walking the dog and we allways fell into conversation. I did start to wonder if he was deliberately on this pathway when I was there but just brushed it aside. By now we had started to sit on one of the benches to chat and I learned he was married 18 years 2 teenage children and a shift supervisor at a large distribution centre but hoping to move into a managerial role when his boss retired in a years time. I told him I was 33 single a nurse at the local hospital who did permanent night shift 3 nights on and 3 or 4 days off till my next shift. I had taken this on as a temprorary measure as I couldn`t get a permanent full time job when I graduated but had grew to like it so carried on but I was on an agency books and did some work with them.

It was one of the warmest days of the year and I decided to go for my cycle run early and take a picnic and spend the day by the river. I packed some cheese, pate, and bread and a bottle of wine and set of. After my bike ride The riverside was still pracically deserted so lay back enjoying the sun when Robs voice said your early today He had his jogging gear on. I said I have a little picnic and some wine if you want to share after your jog he smiled nodded and of he went. To my surprise within an hour he was back changed from his jogging gear to t shirt and shorts and a plastic cup for his glass of wine. We drank the wine ate the food and chatted he said would you like to go for a walk I found a really nice spot when I was jogging the other day. He took my bike and remains of the picnic put in the back of his car and we started to walk through the wooded area by thew river and started to climb till we came out of the woods to the top of the hill. The view over the town was wonderful and we sat on the grass so peacefull I lay back and closed my eyes. It was very quiet we did not speak and after about 10 minutes I opened my eyes to see Rob standing over me just looking down on me, I stretched myself and that feeling between my legs started, that pulsating pussy feel, still no words. I undid the buttons on my shorts and slipped my hand down inside my panties and started slow circular motions on my now engorged clit. Rob watched me and then he slowely stripped of standing naked and his lovely thick cock sticking out from a mass of black hair. He sank to his knees and started to strip of my shorts and panties pulling my crop top of over my head I lay there my hand still doing a little dance on my clit. He pulled my knees apart to get a better view of my very wet pussy and the action of my hand, he kissed the inside of my thighs sucking on the flesh and I had my first orgasm. He rolled me onto my stomach and I felt the cool grass against my tits and body my hands clenched the grass like I thought I was going to fall of the hill. Rob spreadeagled himself over my body his hands gripping my wrists his hot mouth doing a hot dance over my neck and back, his hard cock pressed against my arse and back, he started to move back and forth dry fucking my back and arse. His first words were I am going to fuck you Linda no words except a muffled groan of pleasure. He lifted me to my knees his fingers probing my wet pussy, his cock sliding between my legs till it entered my willing hole, he was still, just leting me feel his throbbing cock buried deep in my pussy. His hands started to knead my arse pulling my cheeks apart and then for the first time for me, he brought his mouth to my little rosebud and started to lick all around. My orgasm was so strong I started to buck underneath him and then with hard thrusts he was fucking me pounding my willing cunt I was so slippy I thought he would come out but no he pounded me till with a shout he jerked out of me pulling my arse cheeks apart and spunked between them. I had never had such an intense orgasm as I had then, he lay on my back his cock pulsating spunk over me. I lay there gasping for breath not wanting to lose that feeling I felt him clean the spunk from back and arse with my panties and we put our clothes on he handing me my spunk soaked panties which I slipped into my pocket.

We stood at the top of that hill just looking at each other and he gave me a lovely soft kiss and we made our way down the hill to his car where he said I will drive you home. My mind was a blur I so wanted to do it again, when we arrived at my house he helped me with my bike and the picnic stuff, he dropped the things in the hall when I grabbed his shirt pulling him through the door pushing it shut I wrapped my arms around his neck pushing him against the door, pressing myself against him and gave him a long wet sexy kiss. The kiss was wild and passionate tongues doing a dance in each other mouths. I pulled at his shorts pulling them down sank to me knees and went to work on his semi hard cock. I sucked, licked pulling at his foreskin till he was rock hard. His groans were loud I was sure they could be heard outside, he pressed the back of my head down onto his cock my mouth going up and down as fast I could. He grabbed my head and started to fuck my mouth hiting the back of my throat and then with a roar which I am sure the whole street heard he came with a load of spunk down my throat. We tidied ourselves up Rob saying Linda I have to go but we must talk about where we go from here and so here we are today.

After he left I showered my body still tingling, my shoulders and inner thighs covered with little love bites and my pussy just an area of tenderness.

Rob says he does not mind me writing of our exploits on SH so who knows I amy write some more.