Written by Mystery Man

8 May 2014

Without repeating my last story please read "I was One Of The Lucky Four That Fucked His Wife!" and you will see why we have never forgotten this so hot and sexy lady. And I'm sorry it is so long, but I want you to sort of feel what it was like for us to fuck this girl again.

Since that day when when the four of us regular builders crew fucked her senseless with both consent from her husband and her (F) - we have always kept an eye out for them as we know they lived in nearby Bournemouth and they seemed to enjoy flashing at men around Wimborne?

Well as luck would have it, around three years later we was working on some new builds and as normal, went for our lunch and look who is there but the wonderful F with her husband. She recognised us and looked embarrassed so we played it cool and went to the bar and talked. After about 20 minutes they where still there so we thought and hoped we might get lucky again! We noticed she was drinking white wine so we sent over a large glass and a larger for him and waited - They both waved and we thought great!! He went to the toilet two of us followed him in and straight away asked if they wanted some fun! He said she has told me yes but not too be as rough this time and follow their car to Smugllers Lane Copse/tree area and we MUST buy condoms if we wanted to fuck her. As she stood up to leave we was disappointed that she didn't have on those stockings but instead, she was wearing the tightest white leggings I have ever seen that showed off that fantastic figure and tight bum!

When we got there we followed them right into the covered area well within the trees and went straight over and pulled open her short jacket to reveal just a tight blouse and see through bra. How could any man forget those tits and we stripped all her top clothes off to suck and bite those fantastic, large tits. Her white leggings were so tight you could see the outline of her wonderfully tight pussy lips and contours of her wonderful body. We finally managed to pull them down and off to reveal her tiny g-string and a gold chain around her small waist.

In 3 years nothing had changed - A petite, beautiful lady with flat stomach and just a tiny landing strip above that perfect pussy. ***** went down on her to lick it out while we placed our hand all over that smooth skin. He came up for air and said she even tastes fantastic! The husband had taken his cock out and as she sucked it we played with that lovely tight bum and this time they didn't stop us! We put her onto her knees and then relentlessly slammed her tight pussy and mouth with our cocks. To fuck this beauty again was a dream come true and she let us fuck her with senseless with condoms and then spunk over her mouth and body. Only thing is she wouldn't swallow or let us fuck her arse, but I still managed to spunk near her bum-hole and then we all fingered it right up her crack!

Finally at the request of the husband, we held her up by her ankles and wrists so her husband could fuck and cum inside her. We pulled her tits and fingered her bum as she again rolled those sexy eyes and they both exploded in orgasm. We said goodbye and left to see her standing there with spunk dripping from her face,stomach bum and pussy lips. A sight I will never forget and once again, thank you!